Sunday, October 12, 2014


Right, we deserved something like this after our some errand to the Hospital and to the Bank just lately. 

A spag and a pizza is definitely a tummy-filling adventure. I was initially liking to try some pasta but for some instant decision of what to take @ the pizza house, we ended to this, which is something I haven't tried in the usual course of my food escapes.
do 'ya want some?

Monday, October 6, 2014


It's been a heyday for us as working students and a Mom to get to school on a weekend, especially if you have all the weekdays to work and the nosebleeding struggles of lawschool at night. You could only wish for Saturday for a day to snuggle and cuddle your baby at home, right? 

But, this time we made Saturday differ from the previous by having a unique bonding outdoors with classmates. For one is our trip @ Irene's Food Specialties located near St. Paul University, Tuguegarao city. 
order now!
The generous Ma'm Irene Laoto (owner) itself let us try their famous Bihon, which made us so "Busog" (full) that day.  For only P60 per order you won't need a Hundred bill to satiate your hungry tummy. Just try it!
Ma'm Irene on my side :-)

togetherness that you can only recall after you're done with lawschool
I couldn't say more, but one thing we'll sure come back again to try for another tummy searching adventure.

Irene's also offer catering services for a very affordable price in a bit's and bites of satisfaction. 

For inquiries on their services you may post your queries on my comment box and I'll drop the message to her. No agent fee. Ha! ha!

Or you may call their contact number  - (078) - 373 0691


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