Friday, September 26, 2014


Coffee has been my all the time favorite partner everytime i wanted to feel relaxed eventhough i am in a deep thinking, haha! really? Yeah, that is why i have this coffee stories and my then quest to different starbucks stores in the country. But, sad i wasn't able to fulfill the quest. It's because there's an abrupt changes in my lifestyle back when i was on my chase. I wasn't able to cope up, that's why.

However, you noticed this date i had a different tone in my blogpost. Like, i was into this law school thing meaning more on a stay foot way of life and close to sedentary lifestyle. Since, i have to give more time in reading my books and less time to get going. Compared before where i used to travel a lot. 

Well, anyway, that's the twist of life, let's just have a good time though. 

Here, i was about to take my coffee break at noon and since i don't have my usual white coffee on my pocket, I have to choose from what is there at the moment. Hmmmmmm...

I picked one and you guess what was it. I sipped this for an hour while I'm reading a case and waiting for the time off. 

Every coffee break has it's story. Tell me yours. :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Someone celebrates his birthday and because I wanted Carbonara so i requested the celebrant if he could serve us with one. He said, can be! But who will cook it? Nobody knows how to prepare it, but since I want some so I volunteered. What's the use of Internet resources anyway? ha! ha! ha! 

I searched online for it's ingredients and the procedure how to cook it. Called a friend who is so good in making Carbonara and I've learned from her that there's already a pre made carbonara sauce which can be bought in grocery store. I just knew that! oh well! Anyway to cut the story short, I made a history in trying this for the first time. Would you believed that? 

Ha! ha! Here's a proof.A trying hard chef. Lol! Anyway, I thanked everyone who took part in the making of this. 

Here's the servings after all the kitchen struggle. Get yours before nothing would be left for you. Ha! ha!

My bite which was gone in 5seconds. Ha! ha! ha!

It was really fun making the Carbonara and the plate was really swept off. They were asking for more. Gonna make again next time. 

Happy Birthday to our Doctor here. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When exams day in law school comes, there is an apparent increase of stress level flowing on me. That is why i need to chill out and get some fill to overcome my anxiety. This mid-term, we've tried Anne's Resto bar for lunch.

While the rest had their relaxing piece on the ambiance of the place, i have my own bite on my books. 

And of course, my undying pasta for a happy me. Haha!

This soup is out place, actually.I just dunno why they included this on their choice.

But, hey wait! Where did it goes?

Here, all was gone, but my book remains! Chill!


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