Monday, July 28, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014


I was asked what food would I want to eat for a treat? At first i was turning down the offer, because it's nearly time for my first subject in the evening, but since my companies were persistent to pig out, so i said my taste buds is craving with Pasta.

Hence, we stumbled upon a pizza house and ravished Lasagna's and Pizza. Come with your own discretionary tastes. 

never mind the time for now, It's more important to satisfy your primary needs. LOL!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Half of the world is sleeping and half is awake including me and jc. It's already midnight and I was gladly reading my books and notes when I saw this light beaming in my window, then I looked up and saw the moon staring down on me. Then i stared a little longer, the moon is so inviting, it drawn me to become nostalgic.

Then i looked down on my PC monitor, typed a message to the one but never been, to my surprised he replied, and then....

Back to the moon, It's miles miles away but i can feel happiness by the mere sight of it. It depicts hope and bliss. Someday, I'll travel to the moon and will find love and happiness. No matter how long. It'll surely come and get me. -lovejc

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was tagged again for a birthday treat to a place which is something new to our taste. Hence, this time we had the Urban kitchen located within the heart of Tuguegarao City. It was a plain lunch for the three of us. 

Jorville is my godson and he turned 7 year old yesterday. As to his Mom, this is not exactly his celebration for there's un upcoming outing for the young boy, come extra time. Well, i wish we could come. 

Anyway, this was my first time to try this place and my order was this: pork liempo (binalot style) with red iced tea.

It's a fine treat! Wish I had Destine with us.


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