Saturday, June 28, 2014


I haven't complied yet with my promised to relate all my summer to do list here, but that's because I've been to a stressful days since then and until my class in law school has begun. But i simply cannot complain for i have chosen this undertakings and there's only things that i must do all at the same time. I just wish i have a lot of time to do it all. I felt I've aged in abrupt. I've been so tired physically, stress cerebrally Oh God! Let me enjoy life while it last. 

let me enjoy life while it lasts!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


My school life has come into play again, hence, no more slacks days like that of my summer. But wait, I'll just explain some on my next post, why i wasn't able to complete my summer to do list in this blog.

Meantime, let me just share to you my exciting first days for this school year in law school as a second year. On the first day, we have an assembly presided by our dean and gosh! There were too many students in the row. Anyway! Welcome to law school!

Coming now to our classes, first day of course is merely introduction, passing of class cards and getting to know. Bloopers also takes place at the outset. Ha! ha!

'twas 2nd day of class when teacher1 came in while the students were oblivious and on their own business, teacher1 got mad and said "weren't you not taught to stand up when your teacher step inside the room?, even in court lawyers stood up when the Judge entered the court room, and when you stand up, it means that you are ready, blah! blah! blah!" well, he is very right with that. So the students complied. On the next day, teacher2 came in and all students stood up, teacher2 was surprised and said "why did you stood up when i came in? do you want us to pray?". Seriously? Ha Ha!! Thus, life!

Well, anyway, class opening is like a reunion where you get to meet your close friends in school after a long vacation. So the tendency is that you will have your cheers to the glamor the days. And here's our first date for the first days of school.

the undying Pancit Cabagan
pose pose inside the room

Before we had this date i too had a blast on my Final full strike of summer.

my sister pretty Guia

my sister sexy Jinkz

Looking forward for more of this kind. :) and what about you? How's your first days in school?


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