Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This post has long been overdue. It's been a month since Espee my classmate celebrated her birthday., but i hope it' never too late to post what we up to during her birthday.

It was a Saturday Class when Espee entered the room and everyone there greeted her a Happy Birthday. Espee was adamant to reply for in fact it's not really her birthday yet on that day but it's on the next day. Nevertheless, we heeded out as we don't have a class on our next subject up to the last. 

She named the place where we will hang out and she wanted some shakes this time because of hot weather condition. So, we acceded because it's going to be her treat. Why Not? An advance birthday treat? Let's rock!

We chose the calesa ride to enjoy the way. The place? It's Lebron's place, somewhere around the corner of the City. Here's our food choice for that day.

We all have a good time that day! Hope there's next time! ha ha! Happy Birthday Espee Rose!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I was so surprised when i received an enclosed card yesterday knowing that it came from a friend in Cebu City, at first i thought it is an Invitation Card. But the more i get surprised to saw it's a Christmas Card, in March? are you kidding me? But then, i was certain that it is supposed to be for the last Christmas. It must have been traffic along the way, and knowing the sender, she is a very busy and dedicated person in all aspect.

I was touched with her sweet note and delighted with the enclosed simple gift from across the seas. 

A pen from Singapore. I was too puzzled if did she ever went to Singapore and meet with our other friend there? Ha Ha! I will have to ask her about it though. 

Well, i always felt special every time i received something unexpected just like this. I am thinking what to send her in acknowledging her very sweet gesture of sending me a card.

What can you suggest? :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Reflection and recollection
There are only few and simple things that i planned to make this summer and i wish to accomplish it before summer is over. Knowing me, i usually plan for something which later i could hardly do, due to lack of conviction of doing it. Ha Ha! and i wish this time, i really mean to do it.

My summer plans evolves around doing some reflections and recollections on what brought me up and down in the past year; to read valuable pieces of information which could help me understand more my subject in law; to do outdoor sports and i hope our plans to do lawn tennis will prosper; will make a good diet; persevere on my dreams; make amends with my friends; spend more quality time with Destine and others which is deemed benefecial to my growth inside and out.
more quality time with destine
See, those laid were so simple and attainable goals for this summer. So, Goodluck to me! What about you, have you planned for your summer activities already? 


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