Sunday, February 23, 2014


We don't have our last subject yesterday so we head out early in school but before we finally call the week quits we dropped off at Adrinel's Restaurant, Tuguegarao City to have a little time chat and savor their yummy grilled "isaw", "skin pig and ear". It was my first time to try here while my two classmates (Mary Queen on my right and Espee Rose on opposite side) was not.

Oopps! The grilled food is on it's face fatty and carcinogenic but after eating make sure to find remedy to release the toxins in your body to maintain a healthy body.

Happy eating!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


My then classmate in Nursing school, Lanie, posted this pic just now in her Facebook wall with caption: "Maalala mo kaya? (Will you remember?)."

Morning emote!
So, how do you find the pic?

Me, i find it Classic and Daring!. Ha Ha! This pic made me recall our adventures and misadventures during Nursing school days.

Two years in Nursing school was full of challenging and exciting daily experience for us. But this pic speaks of our confidence that we can hurdle the battle. But before i am going to relate all my stories in Nursing school. Let me first share our escapades in relation with this photo.

This happened sometime of May 2008 (Imagine how long it was?). We must have gone thus far with our Nursing career by now.But, that would be a different story. May 2008 was on our third semester in Nursing school, and because we wanted to build a more stronger bond with each other we decided to have an out - of -town escapades and also to give ourselves a break in preparation to our hospital duties after a month then. However, due to personal reasons and obligations only the six of us in our batch went on.

Packed with just our personal belongings we head on to Sta. Ana, Cagayan and from there we just choose where to stay overnight. There were many beaches in Sta. Ana, and back then we have chosen Lordwin Beach Resort as our refuge in our getaway.

To get to Lordwin Beach resort we rode a banca from Sta. Ana to Brgy. Dugo where Lordwin is located, while on transport we so enjoyed the ride and the sights.

Getaway of professional student nurses, 2008
 Upon arrival, we took our cottage and while cooling down we played a card game to entertain ourselves.
bet your one peso :)
After we have cooled down we changed to swimming outfit and like a kid we played, posed and freed ourselves from whatever is holding us back in real life.

We are then, the aspiring to be the best and competent nurses in the global arena.

At night we comforted ourselves with a shot but remained sober.

We left the next day but our memories will remain. Back then, i remembered that we planned for another and something a big trip.

Fast Forward. Life during our nursing struggles is something that i treasure much in my heart. I wish to share more stories about the struggle but i leave this thought in your mind, that one will never ever forget things happened in the past which make him a person by now.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was not really feeling better for a month now due to internal and external reason and probably a little bit exhausted. That is why i got series of absences in school to the point that i really wanted to quit now. If only i was not thinking of the expenses i incured in buying my law books, just don't mind the tuition fees i paid because there's many things I've learned in law since day one in law school.

However, despite the  heavy feelings i have, I am convicted to Life must go on and to see the bright side of life. This saying that, no matter what comes along the way, It's Gods plan and it has meaning why it had to happened to us.

People come and go into our lives, we cannot force them to stay. We have to learn to let go and never to questioned why. God design us to live our life and He gave us trials that he knew we can surpass. It's His test of how faithful can we be when everything else fails. It's also His way of saying to us to keep strong and hold on. For God will never fail us. God will never leave our side and God will always love us, unconditionally.

I am strong because God is my stronghold and no matter the inadequacies of life. I am better! Because God promised me of life something beautiful.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's on the second period in the afternoon of our Saturday class in Law school with subject Partnership and Agency and our professor made a treat for the whole class of the infamous Banana - Q in our locale. Banana-Q is the all time snack of people from our town. It can be bought near at the Banana-Q stand along taft st or just near St. Paul. With this, i might as well asked you to come and join us!

There you go! the second year law student of CSU with all the great poses with the banana-Q at hand. Thank you very much sir! Till next treat! :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Climate Change has become the most popular issue around the globe ever since the change has been producing its effect and is considerably affecting our day to day life. By now, we experienced shifts of extreme weather condition, just like getting too hot or too cold temperature in a place where it is not usual to be hot or cold.

Ordinarily, we have been accustomed to the belief that climate change is a product of human pollution and man’s harassment to the Mother Nature. In return, Nature has its way of getting back to man and express its wrath without notice as to how it severed our lives, property and our dominion over the Earth. The recent hit of typhoon “Vinta” that took thousands of life in Visayas Region and damaged Multi - Million worth of properties is a wakeup call that we should really do something to save our earth from destruction and preserve Mother Nature’s natural resources for the next generation.

So, the big question now is, how and where do we begin to save our planet?

“Thrive Movement believe that human caused emissions such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, methane from factory farms and nitrous oxide from pesticides and fertilizers must be curtailed.” I definitely agree, because, many of my readings regarding Climate change points out to the issue that

Carbon dioxide is the primary driver of global climate change. Carbon dioxide is an important heat-trapping (greenhouse) gas, which is released through human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, as well as natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruptions.

My final say is, all we need is a strong political will to move for the protection and preservation of our Natural Resources. Convictions too stand its ways in the fulfillment of our obligations in restoring what our environment have lost due to our own negligence and seemingly unconcerned to what is really happening to our environment. Let’s make the initial move and partake to have a better and greener place to live.

 Save Mother Earth!


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