Thursday, January 30, 2014


It was our colleagues Birthday the other day. We didn't remembered it though, we were just surprise when she brought out a liters of soda and big bowl of spaghetti which we enjoyed eating as our snack for the day. Then, we made a little punk of photo ops for her birthday to remember this day.

She said she doesn't want to broadcast her birthday to her other friends as she didn't prepared big due to tight budget. But we're glad that she choses to share something with us, despite her thoughts. We felt proudly special. 

That, although it's a simple way of remembering her day what matters is that we live at our best.

Happy birthday Janet! (who wears dark yellow shirt). May you be blessed forevermore. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Every one of us has our own favorite subject and of course the least all throughout of our academic days say in elementary, highs school and college. I bet i let you think about this at this moment. To name mine i just hate going to school when i was in elementary so i kept on getting absent, but not until grade 5 when my teacher cautioned me that she doesn't like an absentee in her class and that she would fail me if i do. Afraid of her so i never got absent and my teacher kept on pushing me up because probably she saw my potential and that she promised if i do continue doing good she would promote me to higher section comes grade 6. From then i just loved all my subjects in elementary but in highschool i hated science while am loving math. In our Psychology class, i hated the subject which my classmates is loving -- Filipino, while am loving which my classmates is hating math, trigonometry and physics. In Nursing class i loved all my subjects especially Medical Surgical Nursing while am getting hard time with Pathophysiology.

Now in law school, you cannot choose any to loved the most or the least, all the subject are heavy, you need time to read all your subjects before entering the class because everyday is recititation. But despite the difficulties of time i have surpassed first year and if am not loving the subjects i should have quit law school and i promised to myself that no matter how long it takes am going to finish this race. It's bizaare to envisioned long years of finishing law school but just thinking of many possibilities and responsibilities to fulfill at the moment it's the best motivation to endure. 

However, if there are subject that i found easy and hard on this first year is Political law as the most hard for me because i have no background in history and politics. In order to fully undestand the subject you have to read and understand first the basic. Oh my i thought am going to fail in this subject. 

On the otherhand it's easy for me to understand Criminal law because this is my 4th time to took this subject as this have been taught in the three schoolings i've undergone and to say it right, I've already mastered the subject. Therefore, if i fail in this subject is my own negligent act.

There's more way to go to tell that this subjects are the easy and hard one in Law school, it's just the beginning, andbecause am loving law school there's nothing that cannot be surpassed with more perseverance, Faith to God and dedication surely I am going to make it until the final blast.


Monday, January 6, 2014


It's kinda late to express my wishes for 2014, but i just begun my counting for the year. I've sensed a lot of good vibes for this year and i pray for lots of luck to come and more blessings too.

I felt a litle bit idle to resume all the papers, books and all my daily routine at this point because i get used to the life in the barrio where there is no internet, no hassles and rushes of beating deadlines. I felt so relaxed in my weeklong vacation at my Dad's hometown where we spent the New year. 

There were reunions and get together everywhere. It's tiring yet enjoying. I felt like i don't wanna go back to the city life anymore. I think i could settle in the barrio and do farming. (just a thought!)

On the otherhand, my son had a lot of fun too. He experienced a lot of things that he hadn't done in the city. He also bonded with many of our relatives so he had a good laugh all the time even if he got sick on the New years eve. 

In sum, we've ended 2013 without much regrets and welcomed 2014 with all the best and expecting for more blessings to come.


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