Sunday, October 12, 2014


Right, we deserved something like this after our some errand to the Hospital and to the Bank just lately. 

A spag and a pizza is definitely a tummy-filling adventure. I was initially liking to try some pasta but for some instant decision of what to take @ the pizza house, we ended to this, which is something I haven't tried in the usual course of my food escapes.
do 'ya want some?

Monday, October 6, 2014


It's been a heyday for us as working students and a Mom to get to school on a weekend, especially if you have all the weekdays to work and the nosebleeding struggles of lawschool at night. You could only wish for Saturday for a day to snuggle and cuddle your baby at home, right? 

But, this time we made Saturday differ from the previous by having a unique bonding outdoors with classmates. For one is our trip @ Irene's Food Specialties located near St. Paul University, Tuguegarao city. 
order now!
The generous Ma'm Irene Laoto (owner) itself let us try their famous Bihon, which made us so "Busog" (full) that day.  For only P60 per order you won't need a Hundred bill to satiate your hungry tummy. Just try it!
Ma'm Irene on my side :-)

togetherness that you can only recall after you're done with lawschool
I couldn't say more, but one thing we'll sure come back again to try for another tummy searching adventure.

Irene's also offer catering services for a very affordable price in a bit's and bites of satisfaction. 

For inquiries on their services you may post your queries on my comment box and I'll drop the message to her. No agent fee. Ha! ha!

Or you may call their contact number  - (078) - 373 0691

Friday, September 26, 2014


Coffee has been my all the time favorite partner everytime i wanted to feel relaxed eventhough i am in a deep thinking, haha! really? Yeah, that is why i have this coffee stories and my then quest to different starbucks stores in the country. But, sad i wasn't able to fulfill the quest. It's because there's an abrupt changes in my lifestyle back when i was on my chase. I wasn't able to cope up, that's why.

However, you noticed this date i had a different tone in my blogpost. Like, i was into this law school thing meaning more on a stay foot way of life and close to sedentary lifestyle. Since, i have to give more time in reading my books and less time to get going. Compared before where i used to travel a lot. 

Well, anyway, that's the twist of life, let's just have a good time though. 

Here, i was about to take my coffee break at noon and since i don't have my usual white coffee on my pocket, I have to choose from what is there at the moment. Hmmmmmm...

I picked one and you guess what was it. I sipped this for an hour while I'm reading a case and waiting for the time off. 

Every coffee break has it's story. Tell me yours. :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Someone celebrates his birthday and because I wanted Carbonara so i requested the celebrant if he could serve us with one. He said, can be! But who will cook it? Nobody knows how to prepare it, but since I want some so I volunteered. What's the use of Internet resources anyway? ha! ha! ha! 

I searched online for it's ingredients and the procedure how to cook it. Called a friend who is so good in making Carbonara and I've learned from her that there's already a pre made carbonara sauce which can be bought in grocery store. I just knew that! oh well! Anyway to cut the story short, I made a history in trying this for the first time. Would you believed that? 

Ha! ha! Here's a proof.A trying hard chef. Lol! Anyway, I thanked everyone who took part in the making of this. 

Here's the servings after all the kitchen struggle. Get yours before nothing would be left for you. Ha! ha!

My bite which was gone in 5seconds. Ha! ha! ha!

It was really fun making the Carbonara and the plate was really swept off. They were asking for more. Gonna make again next time. 

Happy Birthday to our Doctor here. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When exams day in law school comes, there is an apparent increase of stress level flowing on me. That is why i need to chill out and get some fill to overcome my anxiety. This mid-term, we've tried Anne's Resto bar for lunch.

While the rest had their relaxing piece on the ambiance of the place, i have my own bite on my books. 

And of course, my undying pasta for a happy me. Haha!

This soup is out place, actually.I just dunno why they included this on their choice.

But, hey wait! Where did it goes?

Here, all was gone, but my book remains! Chill!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I was just here in Taj hotel resto bar, the other day with my other school buddies in law school. Then, I came back again the next day to hang out with my classmates in 2nd year of same school. We had a nice talk over our snacks and also did our case digests.

The place has good ambience, and we like it so we made it a regular place fo pass our time while studying and having a good eat. 

Here, you don't only read your notes you can also relax at the same time.

 Enjoying law school!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Craving for food? Here's what we savored at Taj Hotel,Tuguegrao City last night. Just chillin' after my most toxic past week. Toxic means tons of workloads, piles of case digets, and my baby got sick. Anyway, one has to debrief herself in order to refresh a new! 

Here you go... Satiate your Tummy with this delicious foodies!
Spaghetti Bolognese

Canton Noodles


French Fries

Club house

Don't be pessimistic, cause life is fairly pretty! Despite the inadequacies!

Now, are you looking for a good and perfect company?

Spoons and plates are just perfect, while books are so apt just under the table. :-) 

This is our story on our journey to law school. Savoring!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Whew! we just hurdled the four days prelimenary exam in Law school as second year students. It felts just like the first time again, and everyday seems a torture, anyway, it's just me saying. Good for those who have all the time to sit and read their books. But those days were gone and past. All we do now is to wait for the result. 

Here, now, is our one thousand reason why it's worth to celebrate life in law school. For one, is that we are still alive after the last exam, either we passed or failed, thankful, we left the room still breathing. I thought i would be sitted there forever trying to dissect my brain for some possible solutions not on the test questions asked but on why on earth I was one among those there present. Ha! ha! ha!

Anyway, Ice cream shots were not enough to distress. For, me and Maria went on at Cafe Michelle to chill and get well.

From here, we try to forget the things before we got here, i stead moved on to the next level and prepare for Mid-terms. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


It's the last day of our Pre-lims exam and 'twas the dreadest subject to take. Hence it really stressed me a lot. To cope with the pressure, I have to chill out and maintain balance on my beat. I choose the Frap Bar as hang out while waiting for the final call. I requested Guia to sit with on the other side while we review our notes. We are not classmates for this semester but we share on the same boat in our law school journey. See? we have the same color of dress although we haven't talked about it. Both of us, liked the idea of hanging out here once in a while to break the monotony of reading constantly.

I've got Hazelnut served hot, while she had cookies and creams in frapped. What's yours?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014


I was asked what food would I want to eat for a treat? At first i was turning down the offer, because it's nearly time for my first subject in the evening, but since my companies were persistent to pig out, so i said my taste buds is craving with Pasta.

Hence, we stumbled upon a pizza house and ravished Lasagna's and Pizza. Come with your own discretionary tastes. 

never mind the time for now, It's more important to satisfy your primary needs. LOL!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Half of the world is sleeping and half is awake including me and jc. It's already midnight and I was gladly reading my books and notes when I saw this light beaming in my window, then I looked up and saw the moon staring down on me. Then i stared a little longer, the moon is so inviting, it drawn me to become nostalgic.

Then i looked down on my PC monitor, typed a message to the one but never been, to my surprised he replied, and then....

Back to the moon, It's miles miles away but i can feel happiness by the mere sight of it. It depicts hope and bliss. Someday, I'll travel to the moon and will find love and happiness. No matter how long. It'll surely come and get me. -lovejc

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was tagged again for a birthday treat to a place which is something new to our taste. Hence, this time we had the Urban kitchen located within the heart of Tuguegarao City. It was a plain lunch for the three of us. 

Jorville is my godson and he turned 7 year old yesterday. As to his Mom, this is not exactly his celebration for there's un upcoming outing for the young boy, come extra time. Well, i wish we could come. 

Anyway, this was my first time to try this place and my order was this: pork liempo (binalot style) with red iced tea.

It's a fine treat! Wish I had Destine with us.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I haven't complied yet with my promised to relate all my summer to do list here, but that's because I've been to a stressful days since then and until my class in law school has begun. But i simply cannot complain for i have chosen this undertakings and there's only things that i must do all at the same time. I just wish i have a lot of time to do it all. I felt I've aged in abrupt. I've been so tired physically, stress cerebrally Oh God! Let me enjoy life while it last. 

let me enjoy life while it lasts!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


My school life has come into play again, hence, no more slacks days like that of my summer. But wait, I'll just explain some on my next post, why i wasn't able to complete my summer to do list in this blog.

Meantime, let me just share to you my exciting first days for this school year in law school as a second year. On the first day, we have an assembly presided by our dean and gosh! There were too many students in the row. Anyway! Welcome to law school!

Coming now to our classes, first day of course is merely introduction, passing of class cards and getting to know. Bloopers also takes place at the outset. Ha! ha!

'twas 2nd day of class when teacher1 came in while the students were oblivious and on their own business, teacher1 got mad and said "weren't you not taught to stand up when your teacher step inside the room?, even in court lawyers stood up when the Judge entered the court room, and when you stand up, it means that you are ready, blah! blah! blah!" well, he is very right with that. So the students complied. On the next day, teacher2 came in and all students stood up, teacher2 was surprised and said "why did you stood up when i came in? do you want us to pray?". Seriously? Ha Ha!! Thus, life!

Well, anyway, class opening is like a reunion where you get to meet your close friends in school after a long vacation. So the tendency is that you will have your cheers to the glamor the days. And here's our first date for the first days of school.

the undying Pancit Cabagan
pose pose inside the room

Before we had this date i too had a blast on my Final full strike of summer.

my sister pretty Guia

my sister sexy Jinkz

Looking forward for more of this kind. :) and what about you? How's your first days in school?


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