Sunday, December 29, 2013


I have gone through my wishlist for this Christmas and thought how to achieve them,  some could be attained by faith, by priorities and by my own acts. So if i have to work for it surely those on the list will come true.

However, there's this one thing i am wishing in silence and it did came true. With that i truly believed that wishes do come true but you have to work for it. It does not simply sit there and wait for it to come true. Because for my wish to materialize i composed a lot of hard work, patience, determination, courage and faith to get a good response.

My wish is so simple yet unachievable if i gave up easily and the other is unwilling. In all, i felt so glad for my wish came true.

By then i will never stop believing and hoping that wishes do come true. :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I am sharing this post here from my other blog A Timeline of Destiny
Few more hours till it hit the time where almost everyone are waiting for --Christmas time! So have you ever thought of what gift you want to received for this year? I was just thinking mine and i haven't really had a good thought of it. If i say i haven't think of it yer, probably i was thinking at the back of my mind some material things that is too impossible to have right now. Like a Dream house, Dream Car! Ha ha! So absurd thoughts.

Anyway, while those things were running into my mind I've got the chance to check on my blogs and get back on those who left their comment on my box. One of my constant commenter is Joy of and as I was reading her recent post, I was a little bit surprised to read my name tagged at the bottom as she is spreading the viral post on ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS 2013.

The viral post got these rules to follow. 
  1. Make a post entitled, "All I Want For Christmas 2013," and please use the photo above.
  2. List 6 things that you want to receive as a gift.
  3. Tag 3 friends who will make the same post (no tag backs).
  4. Send me the link so I could check it too (optional).  
It asks for 6 Christmas wishes, and as I have said earlier I could not think of anything to wish for except that I wish everyone happiness, peacefulness, love and a blessed life to live on. While all my wishes for myself is rolled into one and that is ALL THE BEST for my EVERDEAREST DESTINY. 

But anyway, if it says rules are rules then I am bending down on the rules and laying down here my 6 wishes for this Christmas"

1. I wish everyone Happiness, peacefulness, good health love, contentment and serenity.
2. I wish all the best for my everdearest son - Destine Dean Gabriel Dela Pena
3. I wish to have more time to read.
4. ...more time to blog.
5. abroad. and,
6. ...wisdom!

Now, i am saying good luck for my tags :
tal - the pinay wanderer - 
wawan - the sweet escape -
marie imperial - la buena vida -

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 23, 2013



I am at our clinic today, i was scheduled duty for the Christmas so i am embracing the season while on my desk. Needless to say i want to keep myself with a perfect smile and enjoying the coldness of Christmas! 

Merry Christmas folks!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


My first Christmas gift received this year was handed to me yesterday, It came from our Chief, Nurse. It neatly wrapped in a paper bag. I am so excited to received more. Haha!

You guess what's inside it.

What about you have you received your first christmas gift? and from whom?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I've been reading in my FB wall and Instagram this "selfie" status and I haven't really tried it until last night when i posted my own selfie thing in my Facebook wall. Selfie pertains to anything you did by your own like you take your own photo and posted it in your social media account. So I guess it's time to go with the trend. 

But instead of me taking my own shot i have asked somebody to take my very own version of selfie. "Selfie" for me means "simply just me and being me!"


Monday, December 9, 2013


It's cold Monday morning here, and i have a very good vibes for the week. Inspired probably. But i haven't taken my breakfast yet, because as usual i left home early every Monday. But i have with me a sachet of instant Cappuccino which is my breakfast for today. It smelled so good it's elating my mood and the taste is suave just apt for my hungry tummy.

It's also cool to sip it bits by bits while browsing my mails and at the same time reading my notes. With that, i say have a Cool Monday everyone!

Friday, December 6, 2013


It was my first time to try a burger this tall and that's here at Mama Windy's burger at it's best located along Carig hi-way, Tuguegarao City. 

The ambiance is cool and i never heard of this snack haus here until we were brougt yesterday by our Chief who treated us for a snack. Asked if what to order and i've turned my head to the server and querried if what's their best serve that kept their customer to come back and she said it's their special burger. So, I said am gonna try the talk of the town burger so i must not miss the trend. And there goes all my colleagues who ordered the same. We did enjoy our every bite of this big and yummy burger especially that it's a treat for our accomplishment for the day.

Yay! I've got a big burp after. Sure am try another bite next time.  :)


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