Friday, May 31, 2013


Is the grand summer vacation over now? But I haven't done with my getaways yet. My things to do has not yet been accomplished.

So it's June finally, and it's gonna be back to school again. To taxing law school again. However, i am adamant to go on at this point in time. That's because if i have to look into my long time plans, I couldn't see a career in law in the future. Since what i have in mind is to migrate some place overseas, try something new and settle away from my comfort zone. I'll find out how far I could go with my little Darling. But well, I have 8 long years to wait for that time and with God's grace and blessings.

For the meantime, I need to catch on the law on Persons and Family Relations, because there is one thing I need to understand on this matter and finally meet my counselor. So maybe I will go and live on what is here at the moment.

Literally, I've been waiting for my friend June to come out in the social networks, connect and get in touch. Even if all else fails, there's still that someone who is willing to hold on the string and stay.

Monday, May 20, 2013


I looked at myself in the mirror, It's still the very same me, gone through a lot of ups and downs, cross roads and detours along my journey. While those eye-bugs and fine lines that appearing under my eyes are signs of many sleepless nights when my skies are blue.

It's going to be tough in the days ahead, but I am going to live by it and forget about the age. For although I am not young, with age comes wisdom.


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