Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I guess my mind turned frozen recently, it went numbed and i could not think of anything to put my thoughts in writing. It was the aftermath of Yolanda's devastation, of Napoles controversy. Stress and worn - out probably. So i have to make it slow, to take a rest, retreat and make some reflections. 

In my retreat, comes planning and organizing for some undertakings which requires major decisions. Foremost, i have asked Gods guidance and wisdom for me to understand the things that is happening around me. I am glad that despite difficulty i was able to hurdle the doubts and hesitations that hit me on the rock. It's all about pursuing lawschool, and rearranging my life to have a good and better vision of things and circumstances along the way. 

As i embraced the new dimension of my life i realized that there's more that i can do i just need to give myself a break and a little room to move so if i stumble and falter i'll have some place to set aside the negative elements and soon get back on the move.

Now, as i gather all my strength to face life anew, l shall begin my ride with a good read, a good write and a good vision. After all, this is my life i'm making. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


My professor quoted a quote about what can complete a persons life, as he encourages us to partake in preserving ecology and gives importance to our environment. He said: "the three things that could make your life complete are : 1) raise a family; 2) write a book; and 3) plant a tree." If you accomplish this, then you'll have a complete life of you.

It's easy he said and he had done two, raise a family and plant a tree, but writing a book seems impossible for him at the moment. Well, good for him at least he is almost there. He would just need to sit more to be able to start a book.

As for me? I think same with him, I was able to plant a tree, trying to raise a family and instead of writing a book, i blog instead. That, saying i have to lower down to attainable goals, if only to make a life complete.

But, in my belief, i think there is more to that. That is, if you have God in your life, then there's nothing more you need to fill in the lacking spaces. Or you shall see absences as incompleteness, but rather it's a life accessories which makes you a strong, better and faithful person. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have this high craving to eat pansit the other day. It could be due to some hormonal changes, the weather or maybe because it's been a long time since i ate "Pansit" (noodles).

So i asked a colleague if he can treat us in a nearby Felicita's Panciteria. But it turned out that he is off the next day so we asked another one to treat us for Pansit.

 Felicita's is known in it's good taste of "Pansit Cabagan" in our local. So if you happen to pass-by in the North, you may want to add "Pansit Cabagan" in your list of a "must eat" pansit. You may also try the other Panciteria's within the town, but for me, I say Felicita's got my tastebuds on it. An order cost only P50, P60, P70 depending on the plate size you can consume.

Here, we choose P70/order and shared it for two, except for my one colleague who chooses chicken toppings so she got her a solo plate.

I won't say any word for this, but this served as our lunch already with a bill of 280.00 only. I felt so satiated with a burp! For one, because it's free, treated by our Ma'm here (the one with a long hair), he he! thank you Ma'm Susan! 

Next time, i'll have a better snap on this! :)

Friday, November 8, 2013


I remember when i was just inquiring about class schedules, subject, units, tuition fees and books in law school last year, my energy is so high so, alive, excited and enthusiastic.

Then, I did gone to law school and almost done on it's first year, save those subject with prerequisites and those that i might have flunked (since i haven't seen all my grades yet). 

Now, few more days and the second semester will begin again, but the zeal and desire to finish this race has slowed down, since at this point i wanted to make a turn. 

I've been contemplating hard this past days and the reason why I'm taking aback become more clearer and hence to name a few: 1) Law school demands much time in reading and I've got very few because of my work and being a hands-on Mom to my son Destiny, not to mention the laundry time, and household chores that was tasked to me; 2) Law school is so very challenging, schedule is so tight, sometimes it conflicts with my work; 3) Law school is so exhausting and it consumes more energy, thus, my body cannot cope up with the stress it brought me and i felt so tired that at the end of the say i could almost drop myself to bed and just sleep; 4) Law school is academically high, you must be well-versed with the laws, political system and legal procedures and jurisprudence, so you may be able to grasp the subject matter. A good background in law and legal system pays much, and considering my pre-law courses is in Medical field i have less knowledge in this area, and to get equally oriented i have to go back to the basic, and it will require again more time; and 5) some other personal reasons that i hope i can control.

In sum, I cannot cope with the demands of time that this studies requires and the challenge to make it is getting unclear in my vision. It's not because I can't but because there's more things that needs my time and maybe lawyering is not really for me or there could be something else that much suits for me. I remember that quote i read in my FB wall--"If God's says No! It means a redirection to something better which suits for me.

Just the same, after this time, my life will never be the same again. :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I was strucked with nostalgic episodes lately. It must have been my Serotonin level dropping off and my body aching for some neeced rest. But, i think there are more reason why i am little wistful, this include our just concluded Final exam in law school. It was tough and think I flunk somewhere. 

 I've been in a series of exhausting task, and my mind is to idle to read more. I felt like i was in a stranded train, ready to offload at a nearby station and make some detour. I cannot think right so I need to stop to gain my right stance.

Then, another is the yearning to get home, to start again, to remake my disgruntled thoughts, to tame a feral and so elusive heart. To subdue his battle within and never restrain. To tell him that some love gone away and some never coming back. 

Then finally, i guess i just got tired, tired of breaking the walls he built in the middle of the bridge. Yeah! right, maybe I was just tired but didn't he told me to never get tired of waiting? of trying?

Counting them all? I can now give too many reasons to get nostalgic. What's yours?

Sunday, November 3, 2013


There'd been a lot of things that's crossing my mind and i kept on rumbling and vocalizing my mixed thoughts lately here, maybe because I want something new in my life and wants to get rid of this routinary things, and maybe just a little bored with the usuality of things around. Uh Uh! I've been thinking hard lately, so hard that it consumed much of my time. Now, the day is moving and it's moving forward, hence, i hope that my life will move as well. 

I felt so stucked in a doldrum of broken roads, of nostalgic Novembers and of nonchalant humanity. But troubled not, myself, because sun will always shine after the rain and when the colors of the rainbow starts to appear, it means a new hope so save you vigor.

Worries will only put you to waste your most precious time, hence, you won't get things done. Just give your self sometime and some space to find your self again. Pick your self up and never mind the fall, after all life is a journey and to spice it with happiness is different, is something you must give to yourself. To have a happy journey!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


There's a lot of things that i want to do while the semestral break is on, among these are redesigning of my blog, going to some places, seeing people, whole day sleep, etc. But seems that time doesn't fit me to get things done. 

The usuals and familiar tasks demands so high of my time and because of this I've been contemplating to put down one thing --law school maybe, and get on with my passion in nursing career, that is to get my Intravenous Therapy Training done, Hospital duties and ready to take off? 

Find the right path in reaching my American or London dreams. Ahaha! Some of those weird and random thoughts that crossed my mind. But my point is that, it's just me who make my destiny, it's my choice, my will, my decision and my own volition. 

Oh, anyway, going back here, i hope i can really find time to make-over my blogs instead of thinking of abandoning it due to lack of time in updating it regularly. Oh time, be a friend of mine. :)


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