Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I've read a lot of beautiful stories and saw a lot of a must see awesome places in Europe. There's London to name the great. Even when i was a child I've already heard stories from people who worked there usually as a nurse how good it is to reach the place.

You study nursing or any other medical related course to get a good ticket in going there, they said, and then get the taste of the snow and bring home some euros. 

Thereafter, i have been dreaming to get to London, however, the road to get there is under construction and the detour i took leads me to an endless tunnel of mazes and  of crossroads. 

It took me almost 3 decades to fit myself in the nursing profession just to make turns when my dreams is in my hands. Now, starts again from the cradle in a desolate time. Will i ever get there?


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