Monday, February 25, 2013


Summer is fast approaching, and as early as today i already have things to do in my list. Here's some:

1. I really need to sit on fixing, rearranging and updating my blogs. :)
2. Will attend summer camp reunions and visit some place.
3. Go back into sports. Lawn tennis maybe and swimming. Watch out for my blog entries with this. I am hoping to blog more.
4. Prepare and execute the 1st birthday of my darling Destine. Read on his stories at
5. Read. Eat. Pray.

I think that's just few but there are lots that must be done. Indulgence is necessary.

What about you? Have you listed your plans for summer?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Books Donation

I've received a call from my colleague the other day, asking if i need some books in school. When i asked why, he said Boss will give you all his books in law school. So i said why not.

I was a bit surprised though with the offer because i haven't told our Boss yet about my law school despite our occasional talking. When i asked this colleague of mine how did he knew it, he told me that he loosed tongue mentioning that i am indeed in law school and one of my teacher is Boss' Lawyer in one of his civil case which he is the plaintiff.

So anyway, the package was hand carried with a verbal message of :"use them now, and in exchange be my lawyer in the future".

I just laughed out and sent a Thank You message to him!

Fire it away!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to PR 1

It's been a while since i haven't joined the threads and forums of my blogpals, because of my ever busy schedule. Also, i rarely update this blog because i spent most of my time reading, reading and reading. However, i am not complaining because as of this writing i could say that i have a power knowledge lodged in my brain. Ha ha!

If i have the sufficient time to indulge in writing i have a lot of things to relate here. However less, i was so glad that my PR got back to 1, more hard work and maybe i could reach the rank of 2 although i've misplaced my rank in ALEXA. But that is far to dream on right now, as my books and cases we're waiting for me to be read.

Meanwhile, i'll content myself with what i have at the moment. :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

why pain is necessary

Last night my professor related that while he is a student, his mom would constantly remind and guide him with a thought to live by, it says "Pain is necessary to people who you want to change and if you don't want them to change then don't cause them pain..." 

By analogy, it goes with saying, "I change because of you causing me pain, so don't ask why..." That is but just one, pain is necessary to make a person a better one.  

Friday, February 1, 2013


Six days from now and we will sit on our Mid-term exam in law school, thus, i started outlining Articles which we covered for this term in subject Obligations and Contract beginning with Article 1189 - Article 1230 Book IV of the Civil Code of the Philippines.

I really have to burn eyebrows in this subject primarily because i have to learn its concept by heart, besides that i am not a commerce grad and i don't have a background on this matter, and to learn it best is to study the basic.

Leraning though is different from understanding as the latter entails a lot of HARD WORK and WISDOM but it pays, I'm loving the subject matter and the knowledge it gives me.
prolong writing cramps my finger.huh!
  So what now? Well, i don't need to perfect the exam but at least put the right concept on the problem asked and keep it in mind for future use. Ha! ha!

Oh well! i still have four more subject to review. :-)



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