Monday, January 14, 2013


One of my favorite author is John Grisham and i just finished his "The King of Torts." This is another great read, and i can't contain myself from turning to the next page but since i cannot read it in a single sitting it took me about 3 weeks to finish the book.

This is a story about a bright and young litigator Jarret Clay Carter II who has been an OPD (Office of the Public Defender) lawyer in Washington D.C. dreamt a better job in a real firm. 

I think Clay is frustrated in some way, forgot the canons of the law and crossed the street. More so, he is living simply became an instant multi-millionare which made him "The King of Torts" and got bankrupt the next day.

 I was a little bit disappointed with the ending though,something is lacking because i was expecting Clay has to face the jury and go after Oscar. I ain't satisfied with the ending.

Nevertheless, the lesson learned is -- Never to be greedy and never sell your case.

Aside from the lesson learned in this book, it also gave an insight on how is the legal system works in the U.S. specifically "Tort Law," plus Grisham made me feel that i am a lawyer in D. C.too. ha! ha!

There is more interesting in reading this book, to me as a newbie in Juris school with a pre-medicine background. What do i know about the legal system? Much more on it's language? Yet, this book taught me a lot about Law it made me understand the meaning of "Plaintiff." Honestly, I'm having a hardtime comprehending many legal terms even if i have to look at it's meaning in the dictionary.Words that are so technical.  Why, thanks to this book i was enlightened .:)



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