Friday, August 31, 2012


In as much as i would want to go on live and participative in blogging i cannot do so because of my too weak internet connection, it’s so hard to connect and browse on websites with low connectivity, it’s like waiting my whole life for the site to pop (arghhh!). There’s nothing i can do for it right now, but to wait when our wired internet connection be restored.

There’d been a lot of time in my waiting  moment that i am tempted to get a postpaid plan in broadbands or Mobile plans that offers unlimited internet browsing but most of the time i backed off, for just the same it doesn’t guarantee me a fast internet browsing downloading or uploading.

Applying for a wired internet connection has also been an option in my contemplation, but considering that i don’t stay in home often, it is far from my making a decision to jump into it, likewise, wired connection has locked in periods thus, i cannot bring it to me whenever a job reassignment calls in no time soon, perhaps.

Meanwhile, i’ll just consume my time with the prepaid broadband i have now, albeit slow as snail in browsing still i get moderately updated with what is happening around.     

browsing so slow
One needs to have Patience in waiting, especially if this things matters most to you.
What about you?Do you have patience in waiting?


Sunday, August 19, 2012


I always envy people gifted with Art and Musical ability, however, i have learned to accept the fact that i ain't and didn't even given the chance to learn such talent or discover an innate potential that might brought me into the limelight of fame. LOL! I was just joking.. he he, for i know in myself that Art and Music is really one of my great weakness.

It ponders me though that if a skill is learned in school or acquired by experience or inherited (some of my cousins is artistically inclined), and if only my parents brought me to study Art and Music in my formative years would it improve the weakness?Nah, it would just be a thought now, because i can no longer go back to the time where the only wasted time is the time you waste. 

Flashing back in my Elementary years, i always have this drawing book where i would draw anything mostly cartoons characters, but the deftness of my hands only left me to trace the image to produce an exact replica (LOL!).  Until now, i keep a sketch pad or drawing book in my drawer so that every time i feel of  drawing i just pull it over and sketch, yet most of the time, the scrap will always ends up in the trash. LOL!

in one of a boring conference i attended, then in all of the sudden boredom
i hope Jane (My classmate and my Model) won't kill me with this... LOL!

In my college days while staying in a dormitory my passion to music took a life when i saw that most of my dorm mates knows how to play a guitar. It also dawned to me the wish to strum the guitar strings. But, no one has a time to teach me how to, hence, i made all the effort to learn it on my own. I had a box full of song hits then, and every time i buy a new one, i always see to it that a page of guitar chords is available in it Yes, I've learned the basic of chord A, E, D, G, Eminor, flat, sharp, and then strumming and the hardest of all is the timing. I've learned it the hard way. Whew! and for all the time that i practiced guitar strumming, i mastered "KAKA" by YANO (die-hard Yano fans), "ANAK" by Freddie Aguilar ("Promdi eh", trending ) and "ONE OF US" by Joan Osborne (weird choices, LOL!).

However, to date those were already forgotten, but that won't stop me from wanting to learn playing musical instruments. In fact, i bought a personal Piano which is now just resting in my home. I only get to play with it very rare and also a self-learn thing, just follow the note in the songbook. my favorite notes: "FALLEN by Lauren kate" or the "do re me",  he he...I only wish to attend a piano lesson, but there is no school of such that i know where i can enroll here. Someday, maybe when the hustle and bustle of life doesn't eat me that much.:) 

i'm afraid to fly... na na na... :)

OH! I AM JUST WISHING, who says to be careful what you wish for?

Friday, August 17, 2012


Your travel to Northern Luzon will not completely documented as they say if you haven't drop by the famous CALLAO CAVE in Penablanca, Cagayan. This place has been featured many times in some TV shows like in Balitang K and Maalala mo kaya, and it is known as ECO TOURISM ZONE. 

A little History: This is now my 3rd time to visit this place, first was year 1995, that was when i first started college at Tuguegarao City (The capital town of the Province) and as a new migrant of this place we're eager to venture on scenic spots in the area hence we were brought by our newly found friends there. Though i can't remember my second time i believe it's also touring some friends visiting over, And this was just late last year when my colleague in Manila came over for some work.  and inorder to make his coming a remarkable one we brought him here.

Some facts: CALLAO CAVE is famous because of it's seven chambers and each has it's own natural crevices where light from above illuminates the dark place of the cave. In the first chamber, a natural cathedral turned chapel by the locals will be seen. lots of Stalactites and Stalagmites can also found inside.

light comes in and illuminates the dark inside

the entrance

I cannot take more pictures inside because it's too dark, so i settle to this.

I have to warn you though that before you can get into the entrance of the cave you have to climb about 180 steps of staircase, rocky, slippery and enduring so i suggest to wear a good footwear.

we're not prepared for this, that's why we're on slippers

the way up..rocky and enduring

To complete our sneak out, we also gone on boating at the Pinacanauan River to proceed to the batcave for bat watching. Way there is the awesome rocky scenic cliff surrounding the area, and passing with MORORAN (small rain forest). Locals says you have to pass through MORORAN and get some sprinkled with the rainforest to be blessed.

enjoying breathtaking wonders

surrounded by rocky cliff yet community lies ahead

Meanwhile, we have to wait for dusk to witness the flocks of thousands of Bats coming from different cave in the area. I am also waiting to see Batman on the lead. lol!

and while waiting you can do some contemplating mode, like what i did. lol! or you can also make some picnics or swimming in the area. (only that we haven't brought some food and swimwear at this time)

the batcave

the bats

we waited till the last bat comes out in the cave before we finally left the place. Bat watching is something  that you can only experience to place like CALLAO CAVE. I'm sure you cannot witness such awesome creation in the city.

sweaty me, looks like a plateful of "Batil-Patong" will satiate my hungry tummy :)

would you like me to take you there? come, visit and enjoy...


to some of my friends who came over and wasn't brought there, pardon me for some reason, give me NEXT TIME! :)


Tuesday travels 

Monday, August 13, 2012

BC Blogger

i've been blogging for almost two years now, writing mostly my  personal experience and point of views. Which makes blogging an avenue for me to express my thoughts, myself.. if friends and the rest of the world is out of reach to share my bliss or sentiments. 

as time changes so is my need, financial for example not necessarily a job, and as the trend in blogging goes i may say, apart from the fun of having part of the social media i also want to take this instance to earn online. blogging is one. however, not easy as it takes a lot of promotion and blog hopping and interaction to gain traffic on your site, hardwork may take a toll on me. 

Further online discoveries and learning drove me to get on and joining BC Bloggers Community will help me gain more links, friends and the likes. So if you aren't member yet, then join with me and we'll linked up together in BC Bloggers and be known to the rest of the people in the virtual world.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

with PR at LAST

i said WOW!  Google has set eyes on my blog at last.
PR1 is good than nothing, right?
 and as i've been peeking through the threads and post of Filipino Bloggers Forum it inspire me to get equally active on blogging like all the other blogger.
although i'm a bit hesitant and feeling inferior as to level my blog to the super active members and super high PR of their blogs (of course one has to work hard to get such a rank) i am very much willing to strive and know everything there is that need to be learn.

However, i would just rationalize myself on my terms above "hesitant" for i'm afraid i could not meet the ample time needed to update my blog, visit, read and comment on other blogs because of my multi-tasking role in life. that is being a Mom to my three-month old son, sole keeper of my so called home, my job in the public and in the family, social life in the suburbs, etc.. and "Inferior" as i've asked to Rovie "if  there's a workshop in blogging where i can learn all the stuff like how to get PR in blog, how to monetize or get a sponsor so i could also make an added income through blogging? even how to make a good design or theme of my personal blog. See, i don't know how this stuffs works and since there is no school to learn it, i will just have to learn how things work, and that would require Time.  Time, which is so aloof as of now to reason i've mentioned above. hush!

Anyway, i believe in the saying "If there's a will there's a way", we'll learn that in time :)

and for a start, i've checked on my Pagerank at  and it surprise me to get a PR1, i thought i would see PR0/10.
Well, will work hard to get the PR required to get a DA. :)

My thanks to Rovie :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


size 7
They say Good and Beautiful shoes would bring you to beautiful places. But how could it happen to me if my shoes is worn and torn already? Hence, i'm forced (as in forced, ha ha..tight budget) to buy a new one, this Adidas running shoes is actually on sale so i grabbed it and without second thought paid it to the cashier.
what else could i say? but it's worth the price, it's so smooth and soft on my feet. and i've worn it for many occasion now, parties, sports, errands and even a stroll downtown. i know this shoes would do a lot of used and service to me and i'm hoping it would last. :))

on the go...


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