Monday, February 27, 2012


 it's the start of my working week, toxic as it may seems and i don't want  to get down my self but pamper it rather, so when i said i want pizza for a snack today i pointed out the cradle to my assistant and asked her to dial greenwich number for delivery.

and after 30 minutes, here it comes

12" Barkada Thin Pepperoni & Beef Deluxe and Hawaiian Classic forbP399
 i've got two slice of Hawaiian and a slice of Pepperoni.

while yesterday i also had 3-slice of this:

fruity pie pizza @ P250.00
this fruity pie pizza of  Pension Roma here in Tuguegarao City has mango, pineapple, cherry, lyches, buko and lotsa lots of cheese on it. and it's superb for my taste, this and carbonara (ooopss, sorry not in the picture) and a soda.

well, i won't mention that a day before yesterday, i also had pizza and carbonara plus mangobanana shake at brewery cafe, somewhere downtown, after getting tired of buying stuff for my dear Gabriel.

no, this ain't a pizza week mania, i'm just crazy about it.. LOL


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mr. Sunny day didn't showed up last weekend here in our town, so the lest thing that we can do is to spent an idle day in our barracks. our drama is like a Home alone beings equipped with television, pocketbooks, books, cellphone, laptop, ref, kitchen and whoa! picked whatever you want to wile away the time or rather you can have an unlimited access to the internet just cross over the pave and you're inside our Dispensary where there is an internet connection . But , with an inclement weather like we had the last time, the best thing to do is to snuggle and pull on the blanket then zzzzzzzzzz, mid that day we are like a gravid woman who craves for something we cannot name of, so me and my housemate is on for the big Q of  WHAT DO I WANT? OR WHAT IS THAT, THAT I WANT? THAT IS, I WANT TO EAT SOMETHING, SOMETHING SPECIFIC...

i named a lot of foodie thing, but the thought of it seems not appealing to my choosy appetite. (?) 

then we call on someone who could do the grocery for us. of course, we don't want to go outside and play under the cold rain.

Well, this expensive Ferrero is not mine, but to my housemate, and that's the only thing she want to have that time.   

her instruction is to buy  only 3 pcs of it, but there was scarcity of  the 3pcs ferrero
and even if it is too expensive to have this 20pcs, she has to get some  because that's what she want

hmmmmm, well for me, i said i want fruit salad: 

drooling i am, with this sweety, yummy thing..aren't you..?
and then later, i made an egg sandwich

fresh from the toaster....

the next day, when the Boss saw me he said, why the sudden weight gain? 
you bettah check your sugar level, hija! :{

i whispered.. hmmp, vain!.. LOL!
anyway, why would i deprive myself from getting what i want? anyway, it happens not all the time.... ha ha

but, mind you i have two cups of ice cream and bread the other day...




Thursday, February 16, 2012


i can't figure how to begin this...but let me by saying IT'S VALENTINE, so what? ha ha... (bitter me! ) LOL...

no roses and no chocolates because i have no valentine, that is... but it doesn't mean i don't have a date...:)

so how did this day goes?

at lunch: some guy brought us the prestigious "PANCIT" of the locals

and then, we went out for a shopping spree...

and then a toast of shakes

a glass of three, but it doesn't mean we're only three there..:) me and my precious someone shared the same glass of a coconut shake. <3

after the toast we move out for another shop.

at night:
dead tired as we are and yet we still want to hang out at some nearby bars, however we postponed due to brown-outs, so maybe we will have some if not tonight then tomorrow..:)

i've got three slice of's delicious, eh!

so what about this pizza?

this is a post valentine treat from our classmate here in the Province. surely you like this pizza too, it's gotta lot of cheese....:)

and that's how my valentine day goes.
i hope next time someone would bring us a valentino... ha ha

what about you? how did you spend your hearts day?


wednesday whites

happiness is...

food friday


Monday, February 13, 2012


oh well, i so love to prepare meal, i can be your uncomplaining maid in the kitchen if you are too idle to wake up early especially on weekends.. :) these were just one of the foods i made in a rainy sunday morning when i was still in manila, last year.  my house mates were still lying comfortably in their bunks. snoring... LOL!
by the way i stayed at ate jeni's condo unit at quezon city at the time.


here's the yummy meal plan for this photo:
chicken adobo (reheated leftover from last night), 
scrambled egg with lots of tomatoes (uhmmm!)
fried dried fish (good appetizer, indeed)
vinegar with chili and calamansi 
ripe yellow mango 

served for four..:)

and, this year i moved back in the province here in Cagayan Valley and staying in a nurse's quarters, where i had two house mates, and then i am still the lovely in-charge in the kitchen every morning, i volunteered for that task, because as i said, i love doing it and i told them, as long as there's something to prepare for a breakfast, no need to pay for housemaid to cook us our food. 
and another burrrrppp!
the meal plan:
fried rice
salted red egg with tomatoes
fried dried fish
lucky me noodles with egg

and this was served for two (plus my little one) in this morning.
looking back, there's nothing much difference in my meal preparation except the absence of  mango and of course different kitchen table.

coffee was served earlier:)

what about you, would you like me to prepare breakfast for you? or would you rather invite me to have breakfast in your table? ha ha.... whatever!

what's important tummy is full every morning.. :)



Friday, February 10, 2012

laughing out

Happiness is.. when you can laugh out loud with your own blunder...

february 2011 - laguna

....Or when you can laugh at the top of your lungs even at the morbid fact that you are so alone.

june 2011 - batanes


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


One morning, I’m on a tricycle going to an errand when i passed by this push cart selling yellow corn, when i saw i drooled as if wanting to alight in the cab to buy one, but i hesitated for i have some important things to catch up, so i told myself i’ll come back for it, later. Until it was already dusk and has no more time to get back on the stall where i saw the push cart.
And then i stayed up late at the office that time to finish some works when later my co-worker entered in my cube and gave me a yellow corn for working late. WHEW!
It’s not yet the end of the day i thought. 

do you wish someone would give you something like this too, when you think you can never have it anymore? ahhhhh... that;s surprisingly delightful. 




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