Sunday, January 29, 2012


believe me, but it was really my first time to try to make pancake for my weekend homemade merienda and i find fun in making it, at first i am hesitant to do it for the lack of experience..LOL! (poor me..) but i just followed the written instructions on how to prepare it, and voila! it makes my pancake worth eating ...

i'll reserved one for you duh!

 aside from wanting to eat pancake today, i'm also into practice preparing a snack for the coming of kiddos in our nursery room, soon...

i'll make sure the kiddos would love to eat every snack i'll prepare for them eh..

because it is partnered with a soda, this is good for the big ones..:D

would you like to try "fun" cake, too?




Friday, January 27, 2012


 i'm a bit surprised when my best friend at manila called and told me he sent me a package, i asked what was it? he answered "still remember SMILE?" oh well, i almost forgot about the SMILE magazine of Cebu Pacific, which, for the fun of reading and sort of a collecting hobby, i took one everytime i fly with this aircraft...

i could just imagine him while at the aircraft and his eagerness to have hold with the magazine and with thoughts of giving it to me, later...
in total i have (3) issues of this magazine including this one (January 2012)

 just knowing that there is someone who remembers you and knows those small and simple things which makes you happy is enough reason to smile and feel happy ...

thanks much buddy, till the next travel :D



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is my entry to the Week 23 of <a href="" title="Techie She">Techie She Weekly Giveaways</a>. This week’s lucky blogger will win $10 Paypal credits from Borris of <a href="" title="Snapshots as They Happen" class="broken_link">Snapshots as They Happen</a>.

my trip to Davao late last year scored the most remarkable travel i had for 2011, as there were countless of reason why it is unforgettable and to name one, it's our underwater escapade at  PINDAWON WALL in SAMAL ISLAND.

PINDAWON WALL -  is a marine sanctuary and according to my google search, it is the most beautiful and spectacular site in Samal Island. This dive site is located off the east coast of Samal where different tropical marine life thrives such as Gorgonians and black corals. there is also a small cave somewhere at the hangs and when our dive guide brought us inside it only took me a few minutes inside as i got a claustrophobic attack.

oh wait, my diving buddy describe the wall as more like a cliff underwater, imagine us circling around a cliff trailing awesome corals and fishes., whoa! what an elating experience.

Our dive here was our first in Mindanao area, and we haven't brought any of our scuba gear as it wasn't a planned dive. good thing is that we brought enough budget that we afford to pay the dive cost that the Maxima Aquafun resort offers.

We dive as deep as 80 feet below sea level, and for about 45-minutes, we enjoyed the amazing scenes underwater, acquainted with different creatures. And while in there you only hear your own breathing or the sound of bubbles produced every time you exhaled the compressed air from your scuba tank.  Albeit afraid of the deep and my clumsiness underwater i'd loved to do scuba diving again and i hope next time it would be at BORACAY or PALAWAN.  :D

our dive guide took us a snapshots with this big white clams and playful fishes as background for a souvenir.

the unforgettable white clam with me bubbling behind...

holding my breath to get a clearer shot...

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


maybe i am just lucky and blessed coz
after all the toxicity, indifference and struggles between oddities of life, love, work, people or/and the boss, people are still kind and wants to share with my hang - ups..

just like one sunday afternoon, and there is no occasion at all, but the on duty girls was treat by their boss for a HALO-HALO @Chowking, Balzain, Tuguegarao City.

with this i can share that happiness is when you find that people are still kind even at one point in time --- at your most lowest moment. :D

a treat from the boss.. xD



Sunday, January 8, 2012


this is it, i fin'lly got the moment to move on,
that is after a yearlong.. (ha ha! yearlong?) pondering on what to do with my
diminishing? (huh!) fond in writing.
i said yearlong, because just before 2011 ends i notice that i lost my motivation to write or blog about any and the many things i want to talk about.
and when 2012 sets in,  i've thought that maybe i just need something new to add zest on my dormant recall on how is it to be doing things that could make you HAPPY.

for a start, i did some dialogue with myself cleared my head, swept off the tangled cobwebs that grows while i was in a doldrum of ambuiguity.

i  settled my thoughts with no great troubles and high tides would ever come unsurpassed with a stronghold and faith,

and then i deleted my old blogs "TAKE THE LEAD, TAKE YOUR JOURNEY and "A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING" and remake it as eXtraordinary Journey,

still not perfect, but enough for a fresh start.. :D
and i would like to give a big credit for everyone who gave a lot of suggestions and support in this quest, to:

Sheryl -  Georyl
Rovie - My Journey
Ledz - DNA Success 

and i can say HAPPINESS IS... when you find your feet on a pace of MOVING ON. :D

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mellow yellow monday

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

eXtraordinary Journey

my new blog entitled EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY is a combination of my two former blogs: TAKE THE LEAD, TAKE YOUR JOURNEY and A LITTLE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY, for some reasons i decided to delete the two blogs and arrived with this one, foremost, i wanted to organize it's layout, postings and contents to make it more trendy.

however, you will notice soon that i will be reposting those old posts i have in the two blogs, because time comes and i would like to recollect how my extraordinary journey goes i would just have to read down the pages of this blogs and relive each memory again and again and again.

come and join me as i start anew in this yet to be untold Extraordinary Journey of life.


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