Saturday, September 29, 2012


life is indeed a CONSTANT CHANGE. If you notice you're life is in progress then that's a good thing, you never let to dwell on the things that you cannot change. LET THEM BE and BE the person you are.

TOMORROW will always be another day. True! another day to either get on or get off with the things left undone in YESTERDAY.

and TODAY marks the beginning of an extraordinaire path i choose among the many crossroads and detours I've encountered in my so called eXtraordinary Journey.

Decisions may it painful or sweet has been carefully made.
Plans are all laid to one step at a time.
So far, i am doing Good!

Embracing what fate has stored in me


Sunday, September 16, 2012


If you are afraid of falling or getting kick by a horse, would you try Horse back riding?

I guess, many of us would never dare to face their fears of that kind,
but here in Wright Park Riding circle in Baguio City you cannot resist the urge to try Horse Back riding because the ponies were tamed and trained. So get loose with that fear and lets see what else we can do or how far we could go in taking the risk of riding a pony.

For only Three Hundred Pesos (Php300.00) you will get an hour  of enjoyable Horse-back riding at the Wright park circle.

So choose your horse, as i chose mine and the owner named the horse as "Calipher"and the other one as "Cresendo".Ain't that cool? each horse has their own name.


There! albeit very apprehensive that my horse will misbehave, i somehow managed to get steady as i felt safe and secured with the hands of my guide as i kept on telling him not to let go of the rope. Until then, we have a very enjoying trail around the park and He even relate some story of the pave we are traversing, like it is also the road where Manny Pacquiao used to jogged when he has a training.

after half an hour of walking the pony also need some rest

Horse-back riding is fun and the experience is elating. If i have time i will try it once more.

What about you, how was your Horse-back riding experience?


Saturday, September 1, 2012


It’s the first day of September, and the first thing that comes in my mind when i woke up this Morning is the thought of what a short notice and here comes December and until we knew it the year is over.” Whew!

So, I got up in my bed and looked around, very same old familiar room, but I am not home. 
I peeked outside and I felt strange in seems to be a deserted place. 
I count pace a few, there’s the windows in my cube. 
But I don’t have planned to get in there today. Unless they will call me for assistance or simply for a query, anyway it’s Saturday and most people would rather stay at home for chores or on the road to chill.

the familiar room

deserted or rather lonely street

I am still thinking of what to do best today.
What about you? How will you spend the first day of September?

Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!! J


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