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Your travel to Northern Luzon will not completely documented as they say if you haven't drop by the famous CALLAO CAVE in Penablanca, Cagayan. This place has been featured many times in some TV shows like in Balitang K and Maalala mo kaya, and it is known as ECO TOURISM ZONE. 

A little History: This is now my 3rd time to visit this place, first was year 1995, that was when i first started college at Tuguegarao City (The capital town of the Province) and as a new migrant of this place we're eager to venture on scenic spots in the area hence we were brought by our newly found friends there. Though i can't remember my second time i believe it's also touring some friends visiting over, And this was just late last year when my colleague in Manila came over for some work.  and inorder to make his coming a remarkable one we brought him here.

Some facts: CALLAO CAVE is famous because of it's seven chambers and each has it's own natural crevices where light from above illuminates the dark place of the cave. In the first chamber, a natural cathedral turned chapel by the locals will be seen. lots of Stalactites and Stalagmites can also found inside.

light comes in and illuminates the dark inside

the entrance

I cannot take more pictures inside because it's too dark, so i settle to this.

I have to warn you though that before you can get into the entrance of the cave you have to climb about 180 steps of staircase, rocky, slippery and enduring so i suggest to wear a good footwear.

we're not prepared for this, that's why we're on slippers

the way up..rocky and enduring

To complete our sneak out, we also gone on boating at the Pinacanauan River to proceed to the batcave for bat watching. Way there is the awesome rocky scenic cliff surrounding the area, and passing with MORORAN (small rain forest). Locals says you have to pass through MORORAN and get some sprinkled with the rainforest to be blessed.

enjoying breathtaking wonders

surrounded by rocky cliff yet community lies ahead

Meanwhile, we have to wait for dusk to witness the flocks of thousands of Bats coming from different cave in the area. I am also waiting to see Batman on the lead. lol!

and while waiting you can do some contemplating mode, like what i did. lol! or you can also make some picnics or swimming in the area. (only that we haven't brought some food and swimwear at this time)

the batcave

the bats

we waited till the last bat comes out in the cave before we finally left the place. Bat watching is something  that you can only experience to place like CALLAO CAVE. I'm sure you cannot witness such awesome creation in the city.

sweaty me, looks like a plateful of "Batil-Patong" will satiate my hungry tummy :)

would you like me to take you there? come, visit and enjoy...


to some of my friends who came over and wasn't brought there, pardon me for some reason, give me NEXT TIME! :)


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  1. Yes, I saw it on TV. That's the nice place.

    Pasyal mo kami dyan ha pag makapunta kami... :)

  2. i love the picture of you inside the cave. and those bats in flight against pinkish sky, that was an awesome shot. wish i were near and would ask you too to take me there. :)

  3. wow ganda jan..gustong gusto ko yung river na may mga bato bato a nature lover :)

  4. I saw MMK episode that featured this cave. It's a nice place especially for pilgrims during Holy Week.

  5. Gusto ko mapuntahan ang callao cave na yan! I've seen beautiful pictures sa net.

  6. Ako din, pasyal mo din ako diyan! :)

  7. beautiful views and pictures Sis :-) we love going for a walk and enjoy the nature :-) The beach looks so inviting :-) Returning from TT :-)

  8. wow! so serene...great shots!

    salamat sa dalaw!

  9. Never heard of it but looks interesting! Once pa lang ako naka experience ng cave escapade na yan but my first and only wasn't really a great experience. Hopefully someday makapunta din ako sa mas maganda and malaking cave kagaya ng Callao. :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. You are very brave to go inside that dark cave. Looks like you had a fun adventure.

  11. Great adventure, I love Island hopping too the cave looks creepy. I'm glad you had a great time. Same ba sila ng Underground cave ng Palawan? Visiting back from TT

  12. i haven't been yet to underground cave of Palawan but nope they are far different, Callao Cave is over the ground.. the river is merely in it's side :)

  13. Those are breathtaking snaps, sis! I haven't been to the North of Philippines but your photos share a glimpse of how beautiful it is up there! :)

    Thanks for joining TT and sorry for my late visit. I hope you can join again, linky for this week is now up! See you! :)

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Thank you for your valuable comment. I promise to do the same in a while :)


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