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I always envy people gifted with Art and Musical ability, however, i have learned to accept the fact that i ain't and didn't even given the chance to learn such talent or discover an innate potential that might brought me into the limelight of fame. LOL! I was just joking.. he he, for i know in myself that Art and Music is really one of my great weakness.

It ponders me though that if a skill is learned in school or acquired by experience or inherited (some of my cousins is artistically inclined), and if only my parents brought me to study Art and Music in my formative years would it improve the weakness?Nah, it would just be a thought now, because i can no longer go back to the time where the only wasted time is the time you waste. 

Flashing back in my Elementary years, i always have this drawing book where i would draw anything mostly cartoons characters, but the deftness of my hands only left me to trace the image to produce an exact replica (LOL!).  Until now, i keep a sketch pad or drawing book in my drawer so that every time i feel of  drawing i just pull it over and sketch, yet most of the time, the scrap will always ends up in the trash. LOL!

in one of a boring conference i attended, then in all of the sudden boredom
i hope Jane (My classmate and my Model) won't kill me with this... LOL!

In my college days while staying in a dormitory my passion to music took a life when i saw that most of my dorm mates knows how to play a guitar. It also dawned to me the wish to strum the guitar strings. But, no one has a time to teach me how to, hence, i made all the effort to learn it on my own. I had a box full of song hits then, and every time i buy a new one, i always see to it that a page of guitar chords is available in it Yes, I've learned the basic of chord A, E, D, G, Eminor, flat, sharp, and then strumming and the hardest of all is the timing. I've learned it the hard way. Whew! and for all the time that i practiced guitar strumming, i mastered "KAKA" by YANO (die-hard Yano fans), "ANAK" by Freddie Aguilar ("Promdi eh", trending ) and "ONE OF US" by Joan Osborne (weird choices, LOL!).

However, to date those were already forgotten, but that won't stop me from wanting to learn playing musical instruments. In fact, i bought a personal Piano which is now just resting in my home. I only get to play with it very rare and also a self-learn thing, just follow the note in the songbook. my favorite notes: "FALLEN by Lauren kate" or the "do re me",  he he...I only wish to attend a piano lesson, but there is no school of such that i know where i can enroll here. Someday, maybe when the hustle and bustle of life doesn't eat me that much.:) 

i'm afraid to fly... na na na... :)

OH! I AM JUST WISHING, who says to be careful what you wish for?


  1. PS, if you put your mind into sopmething, I believe you can see the progress. BTW payo ako ng payo eh, same boat lang tayo.. Hindi nga ako marunong kahit stick drawing lang. IHATE DRAWING.. pero hindi ARTS kasi I'am good daw sa Poetry.

  2. so you have talents in drawing pala. great for u. while i maybe sleeping when the gods of music, and arts showered their blessing. i missed to get one :)

  3. I also have this tendency to draw and write anything whenever I'm bored :D

    1. tama, an outlet for boredom or stress, mahirap namang karerin..he he :D

  4. hello.. i have also hard time playing musical instruments, it is one of my weaknesses... but after some time, i have realized that my perception is just my a matter of changing my mindset. I am a mapeh major so i have no choice but to learn it, with a little patience practicing i was able to learn and now i can play a little in guitar and piano- just little. :D

  5. Don't give up on piano, you won't regret sticking it out. I gave up when I was younger. I so wish I had stuck it out.

  6. Ay girl, I can relate. Hindi talaga ako artsy fartsy. Kahit anong trying hard ko... trying hard pa din. Hanggang appreciate na lang ako. Congrats pala sa bago mong piano. Karirin mo ah ;) Tapos upload ka ng video dito. I think, Fallin' by Teri De Sario yun, girl :)

    Pahabol: Mas seksi ka pa din sa'kin, lalo na ngayon, kasi palaki na ang tiyan ko. Hehe!

  7. Buti ka nga eh marunong kang magdraw. Isa yan sa mga frustrations ko, hahaha! At marunong ka rin palang magpiano. At least kahit pano, you can learn. Pero ha, all members in my family are musically inclined. Both my brothers sing in a band, they play musical instruments too. Napapaligiran ako ng kung ano anong instrumento sa bahay. Pero di ko natutunan ang humawak non (Except for the flute, pero nakalimutan ko na kung pano, LOL!)

    Salamat sa pagdalaw sa fashion blog ko,

  8. Wow, may talent ka pala sa drawing ha...

    By the way, please change the URL of MY JOURNEY to



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