Friday, July 20, 2012


 Lawn Tennis? it wasn't really my game, i was just called and tagged along by a friend, and for a trend i tried to hold the racket and the ball and thought that it will not just make me stay fit and healthy but will also add me a skill and meet new friends.
waiting in queue...
it is not enough that you have the ball, the racket, a partner and the court to play, you also need a trainer to teach you the basic. Here, we paid for a trainer for an hour lesson, the court and the pick up boy. Affordable and worth the experience. 
this is how you pose with that racket...:)

as if i went here not for the play but for the pose...LOL

the basic lesson that i've learned were the right stance and positioning, and for a beginner like me the trainer has to be very patient with my not so skillful way of handling the racket.

foremost he demonstrated the ready position where the racket is at waist height and the other hand is at the throat of the racket ready to change grips. --"Well, I guess i am just a bit of a slow learner when taught with skills, i could say it's easier said than done."

Secondly, step your non-dominant leg towards the ball and face the backhand side as you change to the backhand grip. and begin your take back. --"Whew! my hand is weak using the backhand so i always preferred to take the ball with the forehand."

Then, you should be at the back of your take-back, as the ball bounces. shift your weight on to your dominant leg as you start to swing.-- "Right, it's just like you are doing the swing dance.."

Finally, using your non-racket hand for balance, bring the racket forward to meet the ball at waist height. Put your weight behind the shot.-- "Our trainer, kept on repeating that, He is patient enough to bear with my stubborness as i kept on doing it the wrong way."

the court..
did i hit the ball..?

for beginners like me, this is how you hold the racket when you do the backhand...(at least now i' making sense..) LOL

Anyway, get the right grip. and let's start playing.

will i ever get it to the wimbledon? LOL--- for FUN!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Back, Finally...

My suitcase is still overflowing with lots of thing to do, actually.. but can't wait no more to get back on blogging.. so let me begin again with OH! I MISS BLOGGING and voila! here i am filling up the lost times.

Meanwhile,one of the many to do list on my checklist is to reformat my laptop and Desktop. Laptop has been reformatted (thanks to Ryan for charging me free), while the desktop is not yet done, though he promised to do it when he has free time, that's ok for this two will do me a big favor holding the line. :) 

My Laptop and netbook - re - charged!, ready to bang ..
and after more than two months of being away, blogging begin again.


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