Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do i need to say another word for this?

from the first happy story on I've got a package in late January, comes another happy tale of another package for me early this month, and this? whew! what else could i say? "but, i had enough." i won't ask for more... LOL!

truly, this mags comes very informative as to where to head on for a travel, and as a backpacker like me, i always take note of the tips the articles gave and of course eager to read on the happy experience the writer narrated in their story.

this April issue talks about Summer get away in Boracay. and i'll reserve my story soon as i get there..

meanwhile, thanks to bestfriend's undying effort. :)



Thursday, April 19, 2012

simply Banana

Banana stew and a cup of coffee is simply a mirror of life far from the city of bright lights.
all i want to say is simply i like banana stew paired with coffee.., ahh perfect..

you like some?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ever been to the famous MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Leyte?
Yes, I've been. But...
Honestly, i can't remember much of things in my History class about Mc Arthur, and at what grade or year in my prime education Mc arthur was thoroughly discussed. I am probably absent during the discussion. LOL, and all i can remember about Mc Arthur is his famous line of  "I SHALL RETURN", and honestly again, i don't even know what makes him famous in our land. Pardon me, but i might be sent back to elementary because of this. Might as well, i need an historian to relate to me the Philippine History and relive any recollection  that was left in my cerebrum.

nonetheless, i am happy to see one of Leyte's famous Landmark like the MACARTHUR LANDING MEMORIAL PARK located at Red beach, Palo, Leyte.


an eye to eye with Douglas :)

and finally, at peace

and for posterity's sake, i made a trek at the wikipilipinas on the significance of the Memorial park and learned that Japanese tyranny has ended soon after Mac Arthur landed at the Red Beach on October 20, 1944, and that the statue was built to commemorate the historic return of Douglas MacArthur to Philippine Shores.



Monday, April 2, 2012


thanks so much dear for the package, i thought you forgot about it already.

that's it, another smile magazine for cebupacific and other stuffs sealed in a package was brought at my desk this morning. i guess my bestfriend has another air travel this time. and maybe it's his time for travels this year, since i had mine last year.

oh by the way, this is  february-march 2012 issue, good enough that i already had the january issue
anyways, lets start reading it... :)

February - March 2012 issue
the first time that i've got a package makes me happy indeed, what more in this second time. :)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Q&A about fallenrhainnes

well, i haven't blogged about any since the crazy on pizza thing saga, that's because my serotonin level getting low and my chores getting high, but maybe this might give me a try to write something about anything from me. so, i begin with...


=> i like to travel, meet people, try extraordinary experience and see different places

=> i want to be a chef, a designer, an artist, a painter, a writer

=> i graduated four courses: 2 BS degree; 1 Post Grad; and 1vocational ; and is planning to take 3 more-- lol! i must be nuts!

=> i can stay home for weeks without getting out at the door, just give me works to do

=> i'm smiling while i'm writing the aforementioned

=> i was in Baguio City same day last year, coffeed at STARBUCKS, (click to read the story) camp John hay with a special friend

=> i am a music lover, nature lover, pet lover

=> someday i'm going to tender my garden planted with beautiful plants & flowers

=>one day, i'm going to try ice skating..:)

=> i am a friend you can always count on :)

=> i am, me

the Q and A portion:

1. Describe your feelings right now.

=>  excited and anxious

2.  Kung ikaw ay isang putahe ng pagkain, ano ka?
 ( if ur a viand, what are u?)

=> fried chicken - children loves it, easy to cook  and affordable =) 

3. Is there anything you own that you cannot live without?

=>  hmm, none so far

4. How does uhog or nasal mucus taste like?

  => they're right; salty

5. Would you rather be attacked by a huge bear or a swarm of bees?

=> Bear

 6. What's the best compliment you've ever received?

=> tough girl!

7. Kung isa ka sa 5 senses ng ating katawan, ano ka at bakit?
 ( if ur one of the senses of the body, what are u and why?)

=> i hope common sense is included (and that would be

8. What have you done the day before yesterday?

 => stuffs @ work and wishing the rain to go away so, i can go home.

9. Proud ka ba sa bansa mo? Paano?
( are u proud of ur country?) How?

=> yes. of course, because there are many things that can be found ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!

10. What advise can you give to the government future leaders?

=> give a genuine concern for the land its constituent

11. Where do you think you'll be in five years?

=> philippines still

that's it.. i'm done with the randomness and tough questions,
thank you pinaywanderer for tagging and sorry for the very late respond.


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