Monday, February 13, 2012


oh well, i so love to prepare meal, i can be your uncomplaining maid in the kitchen if you are too idle to wake up early especially on weekends.. :) these were just one of the foods i made in a rainy sunday morning when i was still in manila, last year.  my house mates were still lying comfortably in their bunks. snoring... LOL!
by the way i stayed at ate jeni's condo unit at quezon city at the time.


here's the yummy meal plan for this photo:
chicken adobo (reheated leftover from last night), 
scrambled egg with lots of tomatoes (uhmmm!)
fried dried fish (good appetizer, indeed)
vinegar with chili and calamansi 
ripe yellow mango 

served for four..:)

and, this year i moved back in the province here in Cagayan Valley and staying in a nurse's quarters, where i had two house mates, and then i am still the lovely in-charge in the kitchen every morning, i volunteered for that task, because as i said, i love doing it and i told them, as long as there's something to prepare for a breakfast, no need to pay for housemaid to cook us our food. 
and another burrrrppp!
the meal plan:
fried rice
salted red egg with tomatoes
fried dried fish
lucky me noodles with egg

and this was served for two (plus my little one) in this morning.
looking back, there's nothing much difference in my meal preparation except the absence of  mango and of course different kitchen table.

coffee was served earlier:)

what about you, would you like me to prepare breakfast for you? or would you rather invite me to have breakfast in your table? ha ha.... whatever!

what's important tummy is full every morning.. :)




  1. Sure! I'm having mangoes too. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  2. nice...tuyo, eggs, fried rice and coffee are good enough for me.:p your housemates are a lucky bunch.

    1. yep, masarap ang tuyo sa breakfast... at lucky talaga. kasi me kasama pa yang hugas ng plato..:)

  3. Wow, ito ang totoong Pinoy breakfast, sarap! Your housemates are indeed lucky! Pwede magpa-invite din? heheh...

  4. Sarap naman ng agahan... Siguro mas lalo akong tataba pag ikaw ang kasama ko...hehehe

    1. ay oo rovs, mamumublema ka talaga kung paano ka papayat.. :)

  5. Ang sarap naman ng agahan! Pwede sa akin mga yan.

    1. sure po Tito Eric, ilan lang po yan sa mga breakfast na pinagluluto ko... :)

  6. YUMMMMMM! back in the province we have big breakfasts like that...nakakamiss! i sure could use one right now...early morning na. lol :)

    *congrats on being the next Featured in Food Friday player! :)

  7. Ahhh kakagutom, miss ko na ang tuyo at saka manga.

    Please come and see my yellow entry. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. yeah sure chubskulit... thanks for dropping by..:)

  8. I miss eating rice for breakfast...tinatamad na kasi akong mgluto.. hehehe! maybe I should cook filipino breakfast one of these days!

  9. Absolutely I would love to join your breakfast :-) all the foods look delish especially the mango :-) Visiting from Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. Oh my! That looks so good. I want some mango and dried fish, please! *drool* Visiting via MYM. Late one!

    Adin B

  11. Visiting late this time from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.

  12. this breakfast looks very inviting. I would surely love to join you!

  13. what a great cook you are Sis :-) I miss eating mangoes :-) I remember we have mango every morning back at the hotel when we had our vacation last month in the Philippines :-) Returning from Wednesday Whites :-)

  14. i am so drooling! i wish that was my breakfast this morning! thanks for joining Mommy!

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