Thursday, July 28, 2011


STRESS in it's simpliest definition is something that affects a person in a negative way and it takes toll in our daily lives. Therefore, to avoid becoming worn out with the daily stressors one has to know how to balance all aspect of life and manage the irritating. 

as for me, i make sure that i had time to get away from the distressing familiarity... and SWIMMING  is one of my way to release anxiety, tension, anger, frustrations and all such negatives which my physiologic being has acquired.  

Last night, albeit cold, raining and with storm signal number 2 of typhoon Juaning, i and my co-workers sneaked out in the four corners of our cubes and made a hideaway at Chateau Leonor, located at Carig, Tuguegarao City, it's an awesome place, good ambiance and so close to nature, though i haven't got the chance to make a good photo shoot of the place, because aside from a not so good weather condition, it's almost twilight at the time when we get there. ('ll just schedule my next visit here soon, for the good shots)..

my undying peace sign and killer smile for a pose...

trying to do the breast stroke.. (as if i knew... hihi)

a cheers for the inimitable sudden sneak out...(prompted by yours truly) 

after an hour dip, here i go ...

renewed and ready to get stressed again... 

..ready to get stressed again, ha ha! that's life anyway, A CYCLE, therefore, another get rid of your stress event is coming my way soon.. .

Thursday, July 21, 2011


(if you were reading this, please find time to read prior blogs related to this posts ) 

FORGIVE ME  for i couldn't find any of the file photos i've saved as proof that i've been to STARBUCKS JUPITER, i've been scanning all my files in my external drive, hoping to find it stored in some of the hidden files or maybe saved it somewhere else, but to no avail. oh well, pardon me for that and for keeping you wait this long to finally publish this chapter of the story.  .. 

here's how's the tale goes...

earlier, when i looked at the Starbucks Planner and read about STARBUCKS JUPITER, i even joked Crescendo with words like "STARBUCKS having branch at the outer space?" that's because, i haven't known JUPITER ST. in MAKATI CITY yet.

now, you'll be asking, how did i get there and what significant this story has? 

oh well, it wasn't really in the plan to get there yet, however, time calls the right timing to visit the place is at hand, since i'll be doing some business at MAKATI, then i thought why not take the chance of going on a double purpose (recalling what boss told me on taking chances or hitting two birds in one stone so TAKE IT, TAKE THAT or MISS IT!). and the next thing i knew i'm on my way...

in recollection, it was on the 12th of May this year when my friend "Zerline" asked me to be her reliever for two-days at her work at  FILMORE, MAKATI  while she's out of town attending some convention of a sort. 

so, i took the offer not for the money but as to taking chances of the  experience i'll get in this job for this is my very first time to record and try they're so called job after five, while the other share of the reason in accepting this part-time job is to return favors she had for me in one time or another. 

it was my first time goin' to FILMORE though, so i asked  "Zerline" to provide me the direction  going to the clinic where she worked as OFW evaluator,  and after working on the first day, gay crescendo fetched me at the clinic with a map taken from google  as to where Starbucks Jupiter can be hounded.   

it's six in the afternoon, and from Filmore St., we walked heading AYALA AVENUE and kept on walkin' up to BEL-AIR, MAKATI, to the left, to the right and it's seven thirty in the evening and JUPITER at last, on our way to the store, we came to pass traffic lights, crossroads, big buildings, hotels, towers, cars, jeepneys,  good garbs, ties and trousers, buses, horns, noisy dispatchers, security guards, street vendor, pollution, smoke, dust, dirt, sweat, foreigner, worker, couples, lovers, the sympathetic and the apathetic, the cynics and the pessimists, we've seen all that, and wondered how lives differ from one another? buddy and i had an academic debate on that plus a peck on the cheeks, then it became a shared thought.... (for the resolve here's a coffee cheers! =))

for the love of coffee..

whew!, that was quite a walk,  for it was another more than two-kilometers of distance we walked but unlike the "keep on walking mode at Starbucks, Camp John Hay," there were no chilly or windy weather in MAKATI, dehydrated almost, i'm just glad i wore flat shoes that day, so my feet didn't complained of over walked, it's just my leg muscles that cramps...but it doesn't matter anyway, for as long as there is a freeway, i will ramble... LOL  !     

LEARNED VIRTUE:  TAKE CHANCES, take every opportunity that comes along as it may only knock once, never let it slips away, SEIZE EVERY MOMENT because this is your only time, HERE AND NOW...and regrets no way, because you're on to a HAPPY JOURNEY!

i promise once i'll find the still shots at Jupiter, i'll post and update this chapter of the story. meantime, i just took a snapshot on the leaf of the planner where i recorded the date of my visit to each store. 

located at Ground Level, Yupangco Bldg.
Jupiter St. cor. N. Garcia St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City

thank you... and please watch out for more.....


**** i just have to highlight the place i've been for a more evident recording****

1.6750 = Ayala Avenue, Makati City
2.Cebu Ayala = Cebu CIty
3.Camp john hay = Baguio City == APRIL FOOLS DAY
4.Lipa = Lipa City, Batangas
5. Solenad = Sta. Rosa City, Laguna==HOLY  THURSDAY
6.Boracay = Boracay
7.Corinthian Hills = Quezon City
8.Katipunan = Quezon City
9.Intramuros = Manila
10.SM Sky Garden = Northedsa, Quezon City
11.Bacolod = Bacolod City
13.Tagaytay = Tagaytay City
14.32nd and 7th = Global City, Makati City

Monday, July 18, 2011


HAVING PROBLEM WHAT TO SERVE FOR DINNER? well, worry no more, cause here's a pal suggestion to delight your hungry tummy, this is so easy to prepare, economical and indeed an appetizing filipino food.

if you want something like this, call me...
if i am available, i'll prepare it for you...LOL

satiate your hunger...

we must admit that with our busy schedules on works, sports, friends, travels, funs, parties and the likes, we sometimes forgot how a home-cook food tastes, and somehow we also miss how to be a homebody and get in touch with our kitchen wares and set up a one-time meal for everyone in your home. 

blended with that thought plus a ravenous and wandering soulmate, the idea of cooking suddenly popped into my mind..and without second thought i run down to the grocery store and made a mental note on what to buy and how to prepare it (please see photos for the output)...

with my sweat all over (as an added ingredients),
surely they'll love this... 

ready one, two...  the boodle begins...

don't tell your conscience how much you eat today
and forget your diet, just this time.... 

sure, these photos won't speak enough to know how the food tastes for which it made us oblivious to notice  that we almost run out of rice.I'm looking forward for a more meal like that, though (giggles)....  =))

if this story made you starve on the other hand, please forgive me for that and be kind to yourself, do her a favor, maybe you could try this one.... 

meal plan: rice, fried tilapya, grilled eggplant mixed with tomatoes, onions, pepper, calamansi, vinegar, a pinch of salt, and "bagoong" with pepper (for the sauce) and  banana (as shown in the picture).

..and before i forgot, touch of love is also added to make a lasting flavor......

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

STARBUCKS and ME going back to SOLENAD

(if you were reading this, please find time to read previously related posts) 

it is located at Solenad, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Tagaytay road corner,
nuvali Blvd, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

it's not because i've been to Starbucks - Solenad then, then i won't include it in this year's hunt of Starbucks 14 stores. well, you got that wrong, because i did came back, and since this is my second time here, there wasn't much hassle in my travel, but just the risk that it's close to midnight yet we're still on gallivant at STARBUCKS, SOLENAD, NUVALI, STA. ROSA, LAGUNA. which was quite far when conveyed by a tricycle from a good friend's lair, "Aiza" at  BALIBAGO, STA. ROSA and where i and myself spent the holyweek.  

..gabb, aiza and me and .. a bit tired and sleepy
yet on the go for the storyline...

...finding time to talk the talk we'd never talked..

a snapshot before we finally left
 (sorry for the poor picture quality, camera's battery is dead)

LEARNED VIRTUE: "VALUE" your relationship with others  and keep it "TIGHT",  bond and do odd yet funny things together, illuminate life and keep it light so that while you're in pursue with your destiny you are in a HAPPY JOURNEY!      



the still shot of my visit @ Starbucks, Solenad the first time and again it's my post birthday treat early June last year with a dear friend "Mami Haze", from here we did some fish feeding and boat riding for the fun.
...because seXy KM said try frapp!

fish feeding and SB venti on

..going for the boating, still with SB venti..
enjoy your ride....

watch out for my next starbucks quest story..


**** i just have to highlight the place i've been for a more evident recording****

1.6750 = Ayala Avenue, Makati City
2.Cebu Ayala = Cebu CIty
3.Camp john hay = Baguio City == APRIL FOOLS DAY
4.Lipa = Lipa City, Batangas
5. Solenad = Sta. Rosa City, Laguna==HOLY  THURSDAY
6.Boracay = Boracay
7.Corinthian Hills = Quezon City
8.Katipunan = Quezon City
9.Intramuros = Manila
10.SM Sky Garden = Northedsa, Quezon City
11.Bacolod = Bacolod City
12.Jupiter = Makati City
13.Tagaytay = Tagaytay City
14.32nd and 7th = Global City, Makati City

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


yesterday, i took my easy afternoon sitted at dairy queens lounge,alimall, cubao, and find time to read Mitch Albom's "for one more day" (now on page 107), and at the same time enjoying my diary queen blizzard (mango and cream-o mix) when, i got distracted by a lady's strident to i guess a three year old kid and maybe his son, near the exit door of the mall, even the other consumers has turned their heads up to see what the noise was all about, while i am seeing directly the duo, what fret me much is that the lady didn't only raised her voice to the kid but hit him thrice as well, venting her anger to the little boy's lanky body and innocent face, as if the kid could figure out what his flaws was all about. (no matter what's the fuss, the lady should at least manage to control her anger, much more that she is in a public place and she's so pretty aware that she is being watched, however, i cannot blame her for that, could've been that she got problem in managing her anger)

In as much as i want to meddle with them, i held back, as i see it's their family that has in control with the matter. Could have been my weak points that i hadn't done any in the situation, but this i want to share to not only mothers but also to fathers, guardians and the likes who rears and raise a child to:

take good care of their children - so they would know how to care when they grow up,

don't hurt them - so they won't be fierce when they're old,

feed, nurture and nourish them well - so they become lively in their growing years,

talk to them - so they would learn to listen,

listen to them - so they would know how to talkplay with them and give them time

tell them good and beautiful stories before they sleep or lull them to sleep - so they'll feel at peace when their unconscious,

treat them equally - so they know how to be fair

allow them to explore but be sure to guide them

respect them - so they would be

teach them good deeds and good things - so they'll be good

teach them and teach them well - so they may lead the way

and most of all GIVE THEM A HAPPY CHILDHOOD so in this lifetime they would have a HAPPY JOURNEY!


(if you were reading this, please trail back to the first parts) 

it is located towards the golf club pass the nearby export depot
and  Carlo's pizza. in between Cantinetta and waffle's place very True, if you're guess is CAMP JOHN HAY, BAGUIO CITY - this has been the first store i'd been out of the 14 featured branches in the Starbucks 2011 Planner, and true too, that, going there wasn't easy for a first timer like me, with no idea as to where the place can be found, therefore, i had a lot of mis-turns and mis-steps in an about one hour of hike from the entrance of Camp John Hay to the coffee shop. it is an undulated more than two (2) kilometers expanse. And thanks for the chilly weather in Baguio, it spared me from dehydration.

What's so special with this trudge, is that, it's happening on APRIL FOOLS DAY, and because i am a FOOL i made myself a blot here at CAMP JOHN HAY, STARBUCKS.

Enjoying the long walk

it's such a long way up to my destination but i
even manage to pose for an emo mode in a while

it seems like an endless walk and almost at the verge of losing hope in finding starbucks, so i took another stop-over in here, got some rest and asked if  starbucks does exists in the woods?

the lady i've asked told me to just keep walkin'
and enjoy the journey, you're  almost there..(she's right 1.5km more up and hilly and in an awesome pace and i'm there)

whew! after an hour of leisure walking with slip - ups and doubts as to 
what road to head on , finally @ cottage 661

what a blissful place to spend an idle afternoon, chat nonchalantly and,
take time to get in touch with the inner you... 

and to my surprise! here's a perk for this visit.. this is a free taste to a product they are about to launch, and i'm so sorry, i forgot what was it..weeh! =)
 i can say, This quest is recorded to be more than extraordinary aside from it is being the first to find in the trace, there is more  in the core of being here. (and for those who would ask why, i say: go, see and feel it yourself...)

...and don't ever forget to take a memorabilia with you,
for the recollection of memoirs, LATER...

...and again for the record, I JUST HAD THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE APRIL FOOLS IN THE 32 YEARS of my being.

 LEARNED VIRTUE : "PERSEVERANCE" yes, i've almost abandoned the mission if not of my insistence, that, indeed, there is Starbucks out of this woods, chum too is hopeless and petulant of my idea in finding starbucks here. DETERMINATION AND POSSIBILITIES too can aid you to satiate your endeavor to a HAPPY JOURNEY!


whew! indeed, a journey....guess again the next destination..?
there's more in  store, so please keep on reading....


**** i just have to highlight the place i've been for a more evident recording****

1.6750 = Ayala Avenue, Makati City
2.Cebu Ayala = Cebu CIty
3.Camp john hay = Baguio City == APRIL FOOLS DAY
4.Lipa = Lipa City, Batangas
5. Solenad = Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
6.Boracay = Boracay
7.Corinthian Hills = Quezon City
8.Katipunan = Quezon City
9.Intramuros = Manila
10.SM Sky Garden = Northedsa, Quezon City
11.Bacolod = Bacolod City
12.Jupiter = Makati City
13.Tagaytay = Tagaytay City
14.32nd and 7th = Global City, Makati City

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The 2011 Planner features 14 Starbucks stores, giving customers a feel of Starbucks as their "third place". The 14 branches include:

1.6750 = Ayala Avenue, Makati City
2.Cebu Ayala = Cebu CIty
3.Camp john hay = Baguio City
4.Lipa = Lipa City, Batangas
5. Solenad = Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
6.Boracay = Boracay
7.Corinthian Hills = Quezon City
8.Katipunan = Quezon City
9.Intramuros = Manila
10.SM Sky Garden = Northedsa, Quezon City
11.Bacolod = Bacolod City
12.Jupiter = Makati City
13.Tagaytay = Tagaytay City
14.32nd and 7th = Global City, Makati City

So, what’s that got to do with my story?

Like I’ve said I love coffee and hanging out at coffee shops and starbucks is one, plus my innate liking to trek so the tale has begun, I told myself I have a yearlong age to trip the 14 branches. That’s got to be the goal for this year.

Well, among the fourteen “Solenad” was the only store I’d been for my entire starbucks experience, that was, sometime in June the previous year as my post birthday revelry. To date I’d seen seven (7) of the stores and has another seven (7) for the chase.

I say again, please bear with me and read on, as I relate every detail of my quest to Starbucks here and there … I promise, you’ll be entertained, you’ll learn lessons from the experience and you might as well get inspired to do the same to break the routine and try to explore new things with an end more than fun. HAPPY JOURNEY…:)

(the 2011 planner and me)


Could you guess when and where I begun keeping record? and i tell you, it's not easy to get there, i've had a lot of slip-ups as to map reading and directional ability but the experience is worthy to note.

Please, follow on to my next blog…..


(just for the record, this has been my very first memory of goin' to Starbucks, that was in Megamall early June 2007, courtesy of my friend Zerline as her post birthday treat for me..)

Friday, July 8, 2011

The TALE of STARBUCKS here and there...

Coffee? yes i love coffee and hanging out in coffee shops. Starbucks is one, and the tale of running to Starbucks different branches started sometime in November last year where me and my coffee buddies chilled out at Alimall branch, and the Planner 2011 was launched, the barista gave me two cards and to avail the planner I have to collect sticker and complete it before 2010 ends. I get interested having a planner for two (one to be gifted to my coffee buddy), and it was then where almost everyday i can be pretty found at starbucks.

and in just a month, i've got the planner, exactly the way i want it =))

and im so glad to have it, cause i know for one reason or two, starbucks has done a great part in my long and winding journey ...

a chronicle is about to be unwrapped...

and about to be untold...

..and each day i'll mark every leaf with a beautiful and unforgettable memories....

.and this has become my journal, it'll be with me wherever i may be and sooner or later, when i recollect, i'll just be turning each page to help me enliven great things that happened to me with the year 2011...


Are you up to know how I stumbled to quest the Starbucks branches featured in the 2011 planner..? just keep posted on my next blogs, I’ll share the exciting escapade and misadventures I’ve been through just to keep record that I’ve been to that branch, I did it with an end more than fun. HAPPY JOURNEY!

Please bear with me this is quite a history =))

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the girl who kept on stumbling my blog - Jennifer

the girl who lives next door, is "Mami Hazels" sister
who kept on stumbling on my personal blog account, and apparently posted comments only to realize she was using my personal account, that is because, she borrows "Pink Louisse or Pink L" (the name of my 13-inches cute and girly laptop), and managed to click on the explorers tab where i don't usually logged out my web accounts, oh, by the way she do encoding jobs and yours truly is kind enough to offer "Pink L" to make her jobs a lot easier, nonetheless, she gets interested with the blogs i wrote that she posted comments, and to make the story shorts, i made her own blog account, did some tutorial and told her that the other things are for her self-discovery...(she's interested in blogging too..)

she's tall, sweet, cute (naah!), with an eyes like that of the Indians
i call her "Ate Jen" and she's my regular follower...

(photo was seized at her FB album)

(while this is the very helpful "Pink L" with a desktop background of myself at peace with the world)



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