Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the breathtaking SAN JUANICO BRIDGE

it's been an off and on schedule for me  if i could really join the working team to Tacloban City, and i thought it's never gonna happen but to the last minute the in-charge informed me that we have our plane tickets ready so i better get off.

then, i made the necessary endorsement for the job i'm leaving in my cube, lucky that i almost beat my deadlines, only some paper works that could be transacted online were need to be done. thanks to internet it made some works easy, accessible and handy.

whew! that was just the story before i get to this part of Leyte. but wait a minute, i knew there's a lot of nice places and beautiful experience to discover in this place, but since i am travelling for business, i get contented with the sight of the Breathtaking view of the San Juanico Bridge and the Mac arthur park in Palo, Leyte.

first let me get to the beautiful SAN JUANICO BRIGE.  it's a historical bridge as it was called the "Testimonial of Love" of the then President Marcos to the first lady Imelda. Since the first lady is native from Leyte and Marcos from Samar, he built the bridge to connect Samar and Leyte and therefore connect his way to Imelda's heart. (ha ha, chezzy- but i like it,cool and romantic)....

San Juanico Bridge made known also when the Dante Varona the so-called "Hari ng Stunt" made his biggest hit to stardom with this movie when he jumped off the highest part of the Bridge. I guess i might try it too, for who knows a producer could discover my talent... ha ha ha.

hooowheew!! what can i say..? but to laugh my way's too high i need a wetsuit, googles, fins and mask before i could make that giant stride...




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