Wednesday, October 19, 2011


thank you very much central market plaza for satiating my ultimate craving with my favorite fruit "Marang". it's been my 5th day of stay in Iloilo City and i can't remember a day that passed without asking my buddy to bring me to their market, hoping i could chance upon a Marang for sale, i don't know if its just a product of my imagination or am having a delusion, because i am smelling the awesome Marang smell when i passed by a certain street at the central market,  but when we searched the place it just ends  in frustration, then went home teary eyed (over naman! haha!). Nevertheless, on my last night stay here for this visit, buddy and i took a rushed walk at the central market and there again the smell i am smelling, this time i knew it's not just a make believe, because i am seeing Marang at the Stand, and the clock is ticking fast and soon we'll be leaving, so i jumped at the seller and grabbed the biggest Marang of all, with mouth open wide and eyes never blinking we ate the same there and then.
i recalled the last time i tasted Marang after the decade of longing was when i was at General Santos City and over a month ago, and again this time....eaten MARANG as if it's my very first time after a long time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


had anyone here, been to ILOILO?
i've been..
 i couldn't tell much of it's History
all i know is that i spent some precious moment
here even while at  a hectic work and with an amidst inclement weather
as the rain never stops to pour especially at night.(it must be Quiel)

my comrades were kind enough in accomodating me
one of those footmarks i had at ILOILO
and make an awesome tour within the City (that is of course during my free time)

not much to say, but thanks guys
for the most wonderful stay in your place...

promise me when i come back you bring me to
bora, together with my scuba gear....


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