Sunday, September 18, 2011

my first blood extraction to Mom

To have a medical professional in the family (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Physical therapist and the likes) is a fortune, that is, of course the family gets the first hand and immediate care from them when it comes to health problem for free.

However, the agony of this professionals is sometimes, they doesn't want to do hands-on to job which could inflict pain to their loved-ones (i.e. venipuncture). I've known one doctor, whom she cannot hit the right vein  for her brother patient in  a toxic state,  and ends up handing the job to the doctor next to her. ( i could have volunteer to do the task, but that is against health ethics, i was just a student nurse, then).

my mother on the other hand complained to me of her foot swelling, she said she got the left feet sprained some 3 days ago but she noticed the swell is not due to the sprain as both were swelling now. and, as i made an assessment, i noted 2+ pitting edema, there is a water retention in her system, a possible side effect of the meds she's taking and then i began asking her history, and told her she needs to visit her doctor, but first i want to make sure that the doctor has good basis on assessing her condition and give the right prescription,  so i decided to have her blood examination first, that is complete blood chemistry, and to bring the result to her physician.

to save money and time, i coordinated with my associates at the local hospital and asked for the kit needed in the blood extraction as i planned to do it myself early the next day.

during the extraction, i asked my mom, if she trust me that i can do it, also told her, that, doing it to her the first time made my nerves racked, thoughts like, what if i missed..?

i'm not expert but i am confident.

and so i held the syringe and point at the first sight of a tangible brachial vein, and like the way i held the stoeger with my strong hand at the shooting range when i fired, my hands ain't steady, but i didn't missed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sneaked - out and caught

have you ever tried sneaking out and caught?
well, wednesday is the most boring day i had since monday, LOL
in the morning after whispering  goodbye to my samsung II  and to my  pillow, got up in bed and prep to work,
at work there's nothing much to do but to kill  time to starve..

after awakening feeling empty in a nap, i looked around and guessed that the boss next door is watching tv as i heard the volume too loud, while the other boss is asleep at the next building.

humdrum as i am, i pulled out jb for company and we sneaked out in the four corners of our cube, and in a rush we were able to got out before the bosses would notice our absence.

while on the road riding in tandem and mental noting where to go and what to do, the rain suddenly caught us in the middle, and we've got nowhere to hide so we took the consequences as we were guilty as charged.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

stepping up the shooting range

my strong hand is right, so what's yours?
and for the expert shooters, did i stood the proper stance?
or at least my weak hand is in it's proper place. 

ahhh, that's cool, isn't it? i'm sure you  also want to try a bit of it? so, who would like to join me in my next step at the shooting range?  let's try the long one, or shotgun maybe. but before we do that, we need to learn first GUN SAFETY RULES.

if you think that i am preparing for something big in here, you got it wrong..ha ha, i ain't goin' into war or competition maybe,  stepping up at the shooting range with 50 rounds of stoeger were just one of the many activities that needs to be done to get close with the things you like to do most. 
and with this, i would like to give big thanks to jing, junie and beng for the patience and for the cool company.

so here's the shameful part of the story, the range officers kept shouting like: "junie - sight getting lower",  "beng - missed, you're out in the center (is he mad?)" hmmp.!
and out of the 50 rounds i only fired at least 25 of it missing in air the 15 bullets, except when i used the strong hand stance, recalling all the proper breathing and trigger pointing, sighting taught by my coaches voila! one time big time hitting the head. stress relief!

i ain't steady, just tryin'

zoom in ...
with that stance, trembling hand and eyes closed, i hit the head part of the target paper - out of pure luck... LOL 


9/11 - a day to remember
hard time to forever

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

liebster blog award

foremost, my thanks to KM, the extraordinary lady and author of more than seXy for giving me such an awesome award. what i like most of her writings/stories is-- its inspiring, so if you want to get inspired and learn more on her stories i encourage you to visit her blog.

now, about this Liebster Blog  ... Liebster means "favourite" in German.  Recipients of this award are entrusted to link back to the one who has kindly granted it (in this case, me!), as well as the task to pass it to five bloggers who have less than 200 followers so as to spread the word.

And now, without further ado, allow me to present this award to my fellow blogger buddies who deserve as much exposure as any blogger out there:

lady  in purple - the journey called L.I.F.E
adminbuddy - itsyourchoice101

Monday, September 5, 2011

moonlighting con dinner treat @ the redbox

you might be wonderin' where i've been lately..well, i hadn't moved a bit, i am still where i am, i just did some moonlighting activity at Filmore, Makati City, i quite like the job, an evaluator for OFWs for i got the chance to talk with people who desires to work abroad and got to know that almost all of them shares the same reasons of going.

the other side of the story is, there's an agent who saw me walked-in and asked me if i want  full time or even part time job in a clinic he knows needing my expertise, but to which i declined.
that job, however could be an option if i want a new job... ah huh! whatever, JOB!

here's the good part of it, after work i called upon my friend Al-en who likewise works within Makati as an Accountant, to treat me and guardian angel for dinner, to have some talks, as we never got the chance to reminisce the old times at the last time we met, the last time was the first time we saw each other after more or less 11 years.

nevertheless, the night turned out to be a very good and memorable night hang out.

the 10 seconds to smile camera, didn't worked out right....LOL

good thing for my drama on diet

as to the place? he took us at ...
the REDBOX, Greenbelt 3, Ayala, Makati City
we had a KTv room for three, and a dinner buffet  ...

as to moi choice of song -- in tagalog:
"wala daw basagan ng trip" LOL

for a change..:)


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