Saturday, August 27, 2011

mastering tuck diving

No, i didn't jump from the platform, i can't do that yet (at least for now), but what i mean is, improving my skills in tuck diving.

i could still remember when we had our first lesson in SCUBA, one of the module taught was to tuck dive, and one activity is to find five peso coin thrown at the floor of the pool and in blindfold, if you get one you'll be applauded!! but for me, i never found any but rather bumped my head for the nth times at the wall of the pool. ha ha ha... (poor baby!)

that was it! i was the so slow student to learn the skill, thanks to our Instructor to be so patient in mentoring me the necessary skills, to the coordinator and organizers and of course a big thumbs up and ok sign to divebuddy for the unending support and encouragement to practice more to make it perfect...

finally, i could  equally perform tuck dive with them now and not only that i could touch and pick five peso coin at the floor of a 6 feet pool but could even kiss the floor for a seconds.

for those who would like to try, here's the tip from

Tuck Dive
The tuck dive is used when you are stationary at the surface. Use the following procedure when using the tuck dive. 

  1. With your body stationary and upright at the surface, lift your knees up toward your chest.
  2. Use your hands and fins to roll your body into a head-first position.
  3. Quickly extend your legs straight up out of the water. The weight of your legs will push your body below the surface.
  4. Begin kicking as soon as your fins enter the water. Remember to equalize your ears as you descend.

enjoy diving...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the versatile blogger

look what i've got with my friend Rovie , girl thanks for granting me "The Versatile Blogger" award.  i really appreciate it since this is my first award i would like to laminate it and hang it on my wall, to always see it and remember you and me in our blogging world..   

Below are the links to Rovie's blogs.  Feel free to network with her:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


soon as i arrived in Manila, i checked on my email and read new messages, one particular message that interest me is  from, re: an invitation to attend their 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila 2011 on August 20, 2011 from 10am-6pm at cyberzone, sm northedsa, quezon city.

needless to say, i attended the event as i've been waiting for such an opportunity to attend seminars or lectures like this to enhance my knowledge on anything about blogging. 

topic discussed were: 

1. "Blog layout and how to use Blogger template designer" - Azrael Coladilla (Azraels Merryland)
2. "Optimizing Wordpress for Search Engine for Beginners" - Jhong Medina (
3. "BBB for B (Brand Building Basics for Bloggers!)" - Jonel Uy (
4. "Blog Personalities: Knowing and Writing for Target Audience" - David D' Angelo (
5. "The Joy and rewards of blogging" - Jenny Manongdo (MannaforJenny)
6. "Hosting Your Own Blog or Website" - Bob Reyes ( / Turfsiteph Computing)
7. "Bloggers and On-line Promotions" - Juned Sonido (
8. "How to Secure your Blog from Hacking" - Marlon Guzman (Solid Hosting)
9. "Resolving Blog Issues 101" - Marnell Delos Reyes (
10. "Blogging powered by Social Media Steroids" - by Carlo Ople (

the event is so organized and i appreciate it  much for the things that i've learned is great and invaluable.

there's lot of raffles and giveaways too. in fact, i even won one of the major prizes..(he he he)

concisely, i want to THANK "bloggermanila" for this FREE and BIG event. i hope to attend more like this.

photo ops post the event
you can visit bloggermanila in their site--

finally going home

six days of stay in gensan is such a short period of time to tour around and sight see, much more that my prime reason of goin' is to work and  though most of the time i was confined at tambler i still able to enjoy myself and more than glad that i come and see.

some other beautiful spot i haven't visit here were the reason that i need to come back, some other time.

rain rain go away, fallenrainnes is flying away...

..finally home, getting ready for the next destination, somewhere in Visayas, this time....


there's  more gensan untold story, i'll share it once i make the luxury of time to write...

keep smilin",... 

Monday, August 22, 2011

reunion with my fave fruit MARANG only in gensan

MARANG (Artocarpus odoratissimus) is  also called johey oak, green pedalai, madang, tarap, or breadfruit cousin. it is an exotic tropical  fruit that resembles like that of the jackfruit and can only be found in southeast asia.  

you don't have an idea how i missed "marang" it's like a decade now since i haven't tasted one. so on my fifth day in gensan, i got the chance going to the city, and there, i make sure that i picked one and satiate if not my empty stomach then just my watering big mouth.. LOL

for only five pesos
giggling for more!!
no matter how i crave for the fruit i manage to share the other piece to"didith," my close friend, colleague, batchmate, classmate and a neighbor at the province of Cagayan.  she was the one who guided and toured me in gensan for two-hour of sneaking at work.

wait a minute, she got the big one... huh!

just to share her part of the story... "didith" is also a stranger in this place wayback 2009 but when career development calls her, she accepted the offer to work here and maybe one of the reason why she's here is to unite me and marang one day, and it happened (my big thanks)..

she promised me to send  more products from here ...LOL

..will tell more funny stories,soon...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

stressed, anyone?

time passes slow here in gensan maybe because the day is long, and on my fourth day the itinerary is to conduct lecture on managing stress.

as i prepare for the day, i asked myself "do i look stressed?", or my lecture recipient won't believe what i'm imparting or even cynical that i'm good at managing the irritating and nuisance . nonetheless i make sure that i look at my best today and that my listener would feel better after.

in general, i delivered the lecture smoothly, i wish i could help them produce more endorphins through humor adlibs and  help release the toxins that moonlighting in their bloodstream but the big part of changing your views in life relies on your readiness and acceptance of the need to change and that you want change and you will start to change, here, now and with your own free will.

have a stress free day, everyone...
 will tell more stories.. keep posted..!

Friday, August 19, 2011

sunny and dusty day @gensan

third day in gensan is a replica of my stay on the second day,that is another "tough working day" however, there's more mobility this day as we move from tambler to lanton, apopong, i even experience slight headaches and some body malaise, maybe brought by the warm weather and dusty road we traversed here and there.

that's work anyway, and the only console it gives me is to be able to do more sight seeing of buildings, streets, cabs, cars,people or get the feel of the heart of the city itself.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

tough day @gensan

would you dare ...?
my second day here in gensan is a tough day as it focused more on work related activities including but not limited to conferences, inspection under the heat of the sun, surveys, congenials, speeches, etc.. ahhh! indeed in action.

tension and uneasy feelings also came to me as a couple of peer pressures crossed the way, some dear friends persuading me to take the opportunity of being here and near and visit them in davao city.

davao according to my querries is about three hours from here when you take the bus. plus another three hours going back here, would mean a futile travel. for i might just be spending all my time in transport.

also, for some security reasons, time constraint and not free plus a lot of workload at hand the invites could be next to impossible, at least for now.

aside from that, is the thought that i don't wanna go to davao for such a short period of time for i might not enjoy the hassles and the rush. i'm looking forward though that seeing davao is soon coming my way.

meantime, im just taking the feel that i am indeed at gensan.

grateful to be here

me and naughtiness 

and stubborness
more post to come... keep posted..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

welcome general santos city

GENERAL SANTOS CITY the boxing capital and city of champions has been in my list of places to go before travelling abroad, is now conquered.

i've been excited to land at the city of gensan since this is my first time here, excited as always because i know my experience here would be more than extraordinary. i'm thankful for the opportunity for it never occurred to me, that i'll reach gensan this year with a free travel expense. it's not bad to work hard though, aside from the experienced and exposure i gained i was able to meet different kind of people, cultures, events and places, which happened only to few, ordinary and lucky being.

i was staring at the big and heavy things which would transport me to my destination

excited, are you..?

and after the pilot announced that we are ready to touch down i immediately took a snapshot with the first thing that comes to my sight @gensan

voila!!! sunny and beautiful gensan and me...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

endless roadtrip

i've got body pain post travel, so it's nice to get a nap
as soon as you arrived...
i've been busy lately due to work and travel toxicity, i've got less time to update my blogs and stories and due to changes of job location i've been traveling every weekend from manila to northern luzon and vice versa, and despite the long hours of travel i've been comfortable riding in a bus to convey me to my destination. travel stress is unavoidable, but it doesn't matter  for i always set time to debrief myself from a stressful situation such as this, i'm thinking one after next week end.

yes, that would be after next week, because this weekend i am scheduled to go to GENERAL SANTOS CITY for a weeklong work. how about that?

well, i'm a bit excited cause that would be my very first step to manny pacquiao's native land. :) 

see you there....

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage.  
i've seen one last Saturday and that was at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City. It was the wedding of Alan, my classmate and a close friend in highschool to Jo, a girl she met through one of their common friend. their love story is exceptional as i've heard. they were textmates to chatmates, a long distance love affair for that matter. a relationship nurtured through cyber net as Alan is in Qatar while Jo is at Canada. 

i haven't seen Alan for almost a decade and since i made a promise to attend his occasion i traveled all the way from Northern Luzon to Quezon City and made an effort to dress myself. I owed much of the make-overs to TeJeni - the girl next door and Tetay - the apple ipod lover. Thanks Guys!

i made my entry to the gardens

i wish i had a more clearer and closer view

on way to reception

i just wish i had a photo ops of the reception area in a much wider perspective
but my camera is not cooperative though, i wish this would show enough though
Thanks man!

i'm on diet..LOL

desserts were sweet and yummy!

my best wishes for the couple

it's such a nice wedding, notable and emotionally packed, i can't even stop my eyes fro blinking as my tears were so persistent to join the occasion too, especially when the bride started to walk the aisle with the song "I DO, CHERISH YOU" by 98 degrees humming in the air. 

 i'm looking forward to attend more weddings like that and until it comes to me too </daydreaming> (,").
one more bat to my eyelid and a wink and tears are gone and so with that thought of something else on my mind. 

Congratulations and Godspeed to the newly weds.  :) 

Friday, August 5, 2011


Friday. how important it is? for me Friday Rules! why? oh, maybe you will agree to me that the next day after Friday is Saturday.. ha!ha! just kidding.  well because Friday is the last day of the week, last day of government transactions, except for the overtimes, and for some Friday means Flyday, out from the desk or from the sight of the dragons and the tigers.

while some busy finishing their in queue jobs to avoid the irritating monday, i take mine idly, started it with reading the headline/front page of the paper, which i don't want to go on any further, opened my laptop, get connected, and typed some Memo's needed for my housing application and later i'll errand it to the office concerned.

i also had my brunch. and time go on unnoticed, which half of day is almost over. after this, i'll have to plan what to do on the next day, and that's why FRIDAY rules because without Friday there would be no Get away Saturday.
There! enjoy the rest of the day.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

reviewing basic english

After almost a week of eye straining and mind exhausting activity like trying to construct and reconstruct my blogs, finally now, I’m writing. First, let me just howl that blogging is not easy (well, maybe for a newbie like me), but I find it enjoying, though.

I decided to organize the content of my blog, and to put it in a split niche, here now will be more on my Academic Learning so I’ll make it sure that every Thursday, i should be learning something.

The first thing that came into my mind today is to recall my English grammar, since, good grammar and all that sentence composition thing is necessary in writing, I find that essential to relearn if I may quote my English grammar too.

And so I begin my review of  English 101 in a question like, WHAT IS A SENTENCE? Indeed very elementary, but sometimes, it is also worthy to go back to our old lesson for a refresher, right?

and so, accordingly, SENTENCE is made up of words that expresses a complete thought. and it must contain a subject and a predicate. the SUBJECT is the person, place, thing or idea doing or being something. while the PREDICATE describes the subject. for example: "She is writing", where SHE is the subject and WRITING is the predicate. 

Gee! i almost forgot that, huh!! so make sure when you make a sentence, see to it that it has subject and predicate and avoid fragment sentence which means an incomplete sentence as it lacks the subject or the predicate or even both. 

now i understand why windows underlines in red mark  the sentences which found to be fragment, and that it will also suggest to consider revising it.     

whew, thank you for that basic lesson, it's now as if i want to be a teacher. LOL   


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