Monday, July 18, 2011


HAVING PROBLEM WHAT TO SERVE FOR DINNER? well, worry no more, cause here's a pal suggestion to delight your hungry tummy, this is so easy to prepare, economical and indeed an appetizing filipino food.

if you want something like this, call me...
if i am available, i'll prepare it for you...LOL

satiate your hunger...

we must admit that with our busy schedules on works, sports, friends, travels, funs, parties and the likes, we sometimes forgot how a home-cook food tastes, and somehow we also miss how to be a homebody and get in touch with our kitchen wares and set up a one-time meal for everyone in your home. 

blended with that thought plus a ravenous and wandering soulmate, the idea of cooking suddenly popped into my mind..and without second thought i run down to the grocery store and made a mental note on what to buy and how to prepare it (please see photos for the output)...

with my sweat all over (as an added ingredients),
surely they'll love this... 

ready one, two...  the boodle begins...

don't tell your conscience how much you eat today
and forget your diet, just this time.... 

sure, these photos won't speak enough to know how the food tastes for which it made us oblivious to notice  that we almost run out of rice.I'm looking forward for a more meal like that, though (giggles)....  =))

if this story made you starve on the other hand, please forgive me for that and be kind to yourself, do her a favor, maybe you could try this one.... 

meal plan: rice, fried tilapya, grilled eggplant mixed with tomatoes, onions, pepper, calamansi, vinegar, a pinch of salt, and "bagoong" with pepper (for the sauce) and  banana (as shown in the picture).

..and before i forgot, touch of love is also added to make a lasting flavor......

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  1. thanks papaleng, hehehe..busog!

  2. wow... sarap! kawba talaga nagluto nyan??? hehehe....

  3. @ KM - sure .. hehe

    @ Rovie - oo naman diba dapat pareho tayo ng course na itatake sa college-- option 1: Mass Communication option 2: Hotel and Restaurant Management, kaya in short isa akong frustrated journalist and at the same time frustrated chef, kaya yan lang ang nakayanan ko...LOL

  4. I love the mixed of grilled tilapia and eggplants with toyomansi. This is awesome in the beach.

  5. hi buy and sell philippines - thanks for viewing

    -- thats a great appetizer too... =)

  6. delish, ginutom ako Sis, sarap naman ng mga pagkain mo :-) Visiting from Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  7. wala ng tatalo diyan, super yummy!

  8. I won't exchange this to a beef steak ang sarap nito!

    Kim, USA

  9. liked the menu so much shared it over at fb! lol. really...i honestly prefer homecooked meals. YUMMMMMM!

    ps. are you available to make me that grilled eggplant? lol.

    thanks so much for joining and sharing over at Food Friday!

    1. thanks sis he he..

      sure i'll make you grilled eggplant one time..LOL

  10. Now I'm starved just looking at this, this is awesome. I love pagkaing Pinoy... my stomach is growling. This meal looks not only delicious but also healthy.

    You have a great blog here and I look forward to following and reading more (I joined your blog with GFC). Please do stop by mine sometime. My wife is a Pinay and we love to travel in the Philippines when we save up the funds to make the big trip with our daughter; my blog has a lot of posts from both our travels in the Philippines as well as our life in the U.S.


  11. This is what I love about Filipino foods, so appetizing. Nagutom tuloy ako..:-)

  12. huhu ma'am... na miss ko po ang condo ni ate dhil dito... salamat po at khit pano me alaala po tayo sa condo mam..

  13. naalala ko payat pa ako jan te... hehehehe


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