Saturday, December 10, 2011


oohhh well, sad but had to cut my story on the so short yet so special itinerary i had in Davao, that is meeting and seeing rovie (maybe some other time, we could have more time bonding).

moving on with my saga, buddy and i left  rovie's place as we were already called to proceed to meet our group at Gaisano Mall, Ilustre, so another directional and map reading activity took place, surprisingly it's just near from Ulas and with just two rides of jeep we arrived earlier than the call time.

we took sometime to stroll around the mall and dropped by an Internet Cafe, to comply and reply with some emailed work.

and since it's almost lunch time when we all meet, Mami Hazel (our host person here) brought us at "Nanay Bebeng's Eat all you can Restaurant and pigged out just like a hungry lion haven't eaten for weeks.. (just kidding, ha ha..)  --all i can say is that, the food is superb, it fills more than my tummy's usual intake. and to effect, i forgot the word "DIET".

whatever.., forget about diet, anyways, it happens only once... and everytime ... he he

  we thought we are going back to Panabo City this day as we weren't able to have a good glance of the place the last time we stopped over as we arrived late and left too early, well, we thought wrong,
because our way now is to the ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL (IGACOS), excited about the trip, and what awaits us in there i made myself comfortable with the thought that "this is my time in Davao, i'll make the most of it...." :D

unforgettable sunset pose while waiting in queue to be loaded with the ferry
that will transport us to the Island... 

we dropped by at the Blujaz beach resort
to try the beachside ambiance 
finding serenity while sea watching and
overlooking city lights on the other side.. 
of course, never be the last to dipped in the saltwater
as always, our favorite activity: to get wet!
plus the staff has their own artistic way of serving their foodie thing..
and i like it...

..if you plan something different and unusual in your planned or unplanned vacation, adventure, escapades or whatever you call it.. go try the SAMAL ISLAND for yourself....

hold on guys, cause there's more exciting fun and discoveries in this fun-filled Davao experience we had.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Davao's special Itinerary

where did i stopped the last time?
ahhh, that was a slept over at Panabo City
so, to continue, on the third day..
indeed, a hard day for me,
still longing for that dream sleep as the other day was so exhausting
we were awakened at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, as we need to be at davao at 4am
to  send two of our colleagues at the Bus terminal going to General Santos City and Cotabato City as they have to report for work..
so there, despite the groogy feeling of being soo sleepy
i just thought that our day has just begun,

and i had one special itinerary for today, that is to go and visit rovie (bestfriend in highschool, and haven't seen each other for sixteen years and eight months after graduation in Highschool, and now a blogging buddy ).

rovie - has been inviting me to visit and see her in davao many times then, but due to the distant and always busy schedules of me in the past past years, i cannot fulfill my promise to her that someday, oneday, i am going to see her,  until this time.

at some point, there were hesitations as to go or not to go to her place because of time constraint plus, my point of origin is from the south most of Davao and her place is from the North most, and when she told me of "Ulas" (her place) i couldn't find it in the EZ MAP i'm holding, i am in a kinda panicky mode as to how am i going to reach her place?

Nonetheless, i've decided to see her, even just for a while since i know if i let this day passed i won't make it anymore, and with the patience, guide and expertise of my buddy in map reading and direction we reached  rovie's place earlier than her estimated time of our arrival.

our meeting didn't even lasted for an hour, as another appointment is waiting for us somewhere in the city, but what's important with seeing her is the fact that after 16 long years of not not seeing each other in person, we got the feel of each others physical comfort today and it would be a forever cherished reunion with her, with her better half  Papa Bren and the "makulit at wala sa mood" little Bella.

flo: have we grown old?

rov: not much that old, i guess more on wisdom...(laughs)

flo: ...and weights and heights too...
rov: yeah, right... (laughs)

..let's add some grown curves and waves too.. ha ha ha!

with this post, i made a recollection on our Highschool's "tweetums" mode with rove and the rest of our group, indeed a memory worth remembering...and i miss them, a lot..

one thought that comes in my mind is the so-called "treasured friendship", no matter the time and distance which makes you apart, there is always that one moment in your life that you opened yourself to let those moments live again.
ei, before i get emo on this part, i'm planning to update this post, by putting some of our old pics with rove to compare now and then... watched out for it, guys, i just need to dig on my photo albums and scanned those pic to post. soon.

that's it for now!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

amazing trip to DAVAO

 DAVAO - definitely one of my list in my must go places before traveling outside Philippines, and at last it happened with a plus factor that this trip wasn't a business trip like those of my previous trips, but purely a vacation trip, to see the place wth my own gusto and be reunited with my old and the not so old friends.:D

with this, allow me to narrate every detail of my trip from day one up to the last day, though there were one thing very common with the experience all throughout the trip, that is: TIRING YET AMAZINGLY ENJOYING!

on the first day,
fetched from airport all the way to attend the Christening of "Baby Jieann" (my inaanak), but since the plane arrived late, i only joined the dinner and the night party which lasted about two o'clock in the morning.

on the second day,
still wanting to hit that sack because of the late slumber, but really need to get up to take a power breakfast because this day is a very long day, as the itinerary was being laid down:
together with the colleagues,

let's begin with a trek inside  GAP FARMING RESORT at Ma.a, Davao City 

(still photos will speak much of how enjoying the tour was..)
i took some snapshot while the others are busy investigating the whatever..
making "kulit mode" climbing the stiff stairs
stop overs..
no animals were harmed when this photo was taken.. :D
so nice to feel young again...
needs a shade..
dare to be bold....
got tired with my hav,  i have to lift it so i can walk equally fast.. he he 
once there were the young ones...
and a final pose before going to the next attraction... 

are you still up, for the next story line? i'll tell you that, this is quite a story --its simply an amazing trip ..!
anyways, here's a peek on our ..

trail to the Japanese Tunnel still in Ma,a, Davao City 

im asking him to date me out..LOL
but, this is where i ended..ROLL!
as if... ha ha
who looks more like of a geisha..
and so with the others, once sitted at the couch can't help but fallen asleep
tiredness knocking us out... 

and, after gaining some energy with the accidental naps we proceeded to have a lunch at former's Dencio's resto and guess what's the ordered menu..?
it's a Crocodile and Ostrich Meat, as the group wanted to taste the Davao's pride of excotic food, and for this time they ordered: KALDERETANG CROCODILE and OSTRICH SISIG, i tried to eat both meat but just after the maxtication process in my digestive system -- ahh.. you don't wanna know what happended, well, nothing much but just ending up starving :(

croco meat
ostrich meat

.so much for the foodie thing, let's go now to the third tourist attraction that we got for this day,

the Davao Butterfly House 

nature, life, beauty..and of course ME
i'm looking for some warning signs, that would keep us out from here.. ha ha

oh well, someone who could tell me that playgrounds were just meant for kids to play? ha ha, anyway, we are just actually killing the time waiting for the animal show at crocodile park that would start at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon as we intend to watch it...


 it's almost dusk when we left the park and i'll say its super enjoying out there.. we're now ready moving to our night escape which is going to panabo city, davao oriental -- where one of our classmate from there invited us for a big time  dinner.

but just before we reached the dinner table, we stopped by to fetched something and i did a little tripping on this stage... LOL!

sana ngayong pasko...ay maalala mo pa rin ako... 

the night ended up so high and full, and tiring and once our back hit the bunks, we said goodnight to the world. 

that's it! i have to cut my story in here, please join me again for another page of my storyline about this trip, because there were more exciting fun in the next days of my stay.

linking this to:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the breathtaking SAN JUANICO BRIDGE

it's been an off and on schedule for me  if i could really join the working team to Tacloban City, and i thought it's never gonna happen but to the last minute the in-charge informed me that we have our plane tickets ready so i better get off.

then, i made the necessary endorsement for the job i'm leaving in my cube, lucky that i almost beat my deadlines, only some paper works that could be transacted online were need to be done. thanks to internet it made some works easy, accessible and handy.

whew! that was just the story before i get to this part of Leyte. but wait a minute, i knew there's a lot of nice places and beautiful experience to discover in this place, but since i am travelling for business, i get contented with the sight of the Breathtaking view of the San Juanico Bridge and the Mac arthur park in Palo, Leyte.

first let me get to the beautiful SAN JUANICO BRIGE.  it's a historical bridge as it was called the "Testimonial of Love" of the then President Marcos to the first lady Imelda. Since the first lady is native from Leyte and Marcos from Samar, he built the bridge to connect Samar and Leyte and therefore connect his way to Imelda's heart. (ha ha, chezzy- but i like it,cool and romantic)....

San Juanico Bridge made known also when the Dante Varona the so-called "Hari ng Stunt" made his biggest hit to stardom with this movie when he jumped off the highest part of the Bridge. I guess i might try it too, for who knows a producer could discover my talent... ha ha ha.

hooowheew!! what can i say..? but to laugh my way's too high i need a wetsuit, googles, fins and mask before i could make that giant stride...



Wednesday, October 19, 2011


thank you very much central market plaza for satiating my ultimate craving with my favorite fruit "Marang". it's been my 5th day of stay in Iloilo City and i can't remember a day that passed without asking my buddy to bring me to their market, hoping i could chance upon a Marang for sale, i don't know if its just a product of my imagination or am having a delusion, because i am smelling the awesome Marang smell when i passed by a certain street at the central market,  but when we searched the place it just ends  in frustration, then went home teary eyed (over naman! haha!). Nevertheless, on my last night stay here for this visit, buddy and i took a rushed walk at the central market and there again the smell i am smelling, this time i knew it's not just a make believe, because i am seeing Marang at the Stand, and the clock is ticking fast and soon we'll be leaving, so i jumped at the seller and grabbed the biggest Marang of all, with mouth open wide and eyes never blinking we ate the same there and then.
i recalled the last time i tasted Marang after the decade of longing was when i was at General Santos City and over a month ago, and again this time....eaten MARANG as if it's my very first time after a long time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


had anyone here, been to ILOILO?
i've been..
 i couldn't tell much of it's History
all i know is that i spent some precious moment
here even while at  a hectic work and with an amidst inclement weather
as the rain never stops to pour especially at night.(it must be Quiel)

my comrades were kind enough in accomodating me
one of those footmarks i had at ILOILO
and make an awesome tour within the City (that is of course during my free time)

not much to say, but thanks guys
for the most wonderful stay in your place...

promise me when i come back you bring me to
bora, together with my scuba gear....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

my first blood extraction to Mom

To have a medical professional in the family (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Physical therapist and the likes) is a fortune, that is, of course the family gets the first hand and immediate care from them when it comes to health problem for free.

However, the agony of this professionals is sometimes, they doesn't want to do hands-on to job which could inflict pain to their loved-ones (i.e. venipuncture). I've known one doctor, whom she cannot hit the right vein  for her brother patient in  a toxic state,  and ends up handing the job to the doctor next to her. ( i could have volunteer to do the task, but that is against health ethics, i was just a student nurse, then).

my mother on the other hand complained to me of her foot swelling, she said she got the left feet sprained some 3 days ago but she noticed the swell is not due to the sprain as both were swelling now. and, as i made an assessment, i noted 2+ pitting edema, there is a water retention in her system, a possible side effect of the meds she's taking and then i began asking her history, and told her she needs to visit her doctor, but first i want to make sure that the doctor has good basis on assessing her condition and give the right prescription,  so i decided to have her blood examination first, that is complete blood chemistry, and to bring the result to her physician.

to save money and time, i coordinated with my associates at the local hospital and asked for the kit needed in the blood extraction as i planned to do it myself early the next day.

during the extraction, i asked my mom, if she trust me that i can do it, also told her, that, doing it to her the first time made my nerves racked, thoughts like, what if i missed..?

i'm not expert but i am confident.

and so i held the syringe and point at the first sight of a tangible brachial vein, and like the way i held the stoeger with my strong hand at the shooting range when i fired, my hands ain't steady, but i didn't missed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sneaked - out and caught

have you ever tried sneaking out and caught?
well, wednesday is the most boring day i had since monday, LOL
in the morning after whispering  goodbye to my samsung II  and to my  pillow, got up in bed and prep to work,
at work there's nothing much to do but to kill  time to starve..

after awakening feeling empty in a nap, i looked around and guessed that the boss next door is watching tv as i heard the volume too loud, while the other boss is asleep at the next building.

humdrum as i am, i pulled out jb for company and we sneaked out in the four corners of our cube, and in a rush we were able to got out before the bosses would notice our absence.

while on the road riding in tandem and mental noting where to go and what to do, the rain suddenly caught us in the middle, and we've got nowhere to hide so we took the consequences as we were guilty as charged.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

stepping up the shooting range

my strong hand is right, so what's yours?
and for the expert shooters, did i stood the proper stance?
or at least my weak hand is in it's proper place. 

ahhh, that's cool, isn't it? i'm sure you  also want to try a bit of it? so, who would like to join me in my next step at the shooting range?  let's try the long one, or shotgun maybe. but before we do that, we need to learn first GUN SAFETY RULES.

if you think that i am preparing for something big in here, you got it wrong..ha ha, i ain't goin' into war or competition maybe,  stepping up at the shooting range with 50 rounds of stoeger were just one of the many activities that needs to be done to get close with the things you like to do most. 
and with this, i would like to give big thanks to jing, junie and beng for the patience and for the cool company.

so here's the shameful part of the story, the range officers kept shouting like: "junie - sight getting lower",  "beng - missed, you're out in the center (is he mad?)" hmmp.!
and out of the 50 rounds i only fired at least 25 of it missing in air the 15 bullets, except when i used the strong hand stance, recalling all the proper breathing and trigger pointing, sighting taught by my coaches voila! one time big time hitting the head. stress relief!

i ain't steady, just tryin'

zoom in ...
with that stance, trembling hand and eyes closed, i hit the head part of the target paper - out of pure luck... LOL 


9/11 - a day to remember
hard time to forever

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

liebster blog award

foremost, my thanks to KM, the extraordinary lady and author of more than seXy for giving me such an awesome award. what i like most of her writings/stories is-- its inspiring, so if you want to get inspired and learn more on her stories i encourage you to visit her blog.

now, about this Liebster Blog  ... Liebster means "favourite" in German.  Recipients of this award are entrusted to link back to the one who has kindly granted it (in this case, me!), as well as the task to pass it to five bloggers who have less than 200 followers so as to spread the word.

And now, without further ado, allow me to present this award to my fellow blogger buddies who deserve as much exposure as any blogger out there:

lady  in purple - the journey called L.I.F.E
adminbuddy - itsyourchoice101

Monday, September 5, 2011

moonlighting con dinner treat @ the redbox

you might be wonderin' where i've been lately..well, i hadn't moved a bit, i am still where i am, i just did some moonlighting activity at Filmore, Makati City, i quite like the job, an evaluator for OFWs for i got the chance to talk with people who desires to work abroad and got to know that almost all of them shares the same reasons of going.

the other side of the story is, there's an agent who saw me walked-in and asked me if i want  full time or even part time job in a clinic he knows needing my expertise, but to which i declined.
that job, however could be an option if i want a new job... ah huh! whatever, JOB!

here's the good part of it, after work i called upon my friend Al-en who likewise works within Makati as an Accountant, to treat me and guardian angel for dinner, to have some talks, as we never got the chance to reminisce the old times at the last time we met, the last time was the first time we saw each other after more or less 11 years.

nevertheless, the night turned out to be a very good and memorable night hang out.

the 10 seconds to smile camera, didn't worked out right....LOL

good thing for my drama on diet

as to the place? he took us at ...
the REDBOX, Greenbelt 3, Ayala, Makati City
we had a KTv room for three, and a dinner buffet  ...

as to moi choice of song -- in tagalog:
"wala daw basagan ng trip" LOL

for a change..:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

mastering tuck diving

No, i didn't jump from the platform, i can't do that yet (at least for now), but what i mean is, improving my skills in tuck diving.

i could still remember when we had our first lesson in SCUBA, one of the module taught was to tuck dive, and one activity is to find five peso coin thrown at the floor of the pool and in blindfold, if you get one you'll be applauded!! but for me, i never found any but rather bumped my head for the nth times at the wall of the pool. ha ha ha... (poor baby!)

that was it! i was the so slow student to learn the skill, thanks to our Instructor to be so patient in mentoring me the necessary skills, to the coordinator and organizers and of course a big thumbs up and ok sign to divebuddy for the unending support and encouragement to practice more to make it perfect...

finally, i could  equally perform tuck dive with them now and not only that i could touch and pick five peso coin at the floor of a 6 feet pool but could even kiss the floor for a seconds.

for those who would like to try, here's the tip from

Tuck Dive
The tuck dive is used when you are stationary at the surface. Use the following procedure when using the tuck dive. 

  1. With your body stationary and upright at the surface, lift your knees up toward your chest.
  2. Use your hands and fins to roll your body into a head-first position.
  3. Quickly extend your legs straight up out of the water. The weight of your legs will push your body below the surface.
  4. Begin kicking as soon as your fins enter the water. Remember to equalize your ears as you descend.

enjoy diving...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the versatile blogger

look what i've got with my friend Rovie , girl thanks for granting me "The Versatile Blogger" award.  i really appreciate it since this is my first award i would like to laminate it and hang it on my wall, to always see it and remember you and me in our blogging world..   

Below are the links to Rovie's blogs.  Feel free to network with her:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


soon as i arrived in Manila, i checked on my email and read new messages, one particular message that interest me is  from, re: an invitation to attend their 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila 2011 on August 20, 2011 from 10am-6pm at cyberzone, sm northedsa, quezon city.

needless to say, i attended the event as i've been waiting for such an opportunity to attend seminars or lectures like this to enhance my knowledge on anything about blogging. 

topic discussed were: 

1. "Blog layout and how to use Blogger template designer" - Azrael Coladilla (Azraels Merryland)
2. "Optimizing Wordpress for Search Engine for Beginners" - Jhong Medina (
3. "BBB for B (Brand Building Basics for Bloggers!)" - Jonel Uy (
4. "Blog Personalities: Knowing and Writing for Target Audience" - David D' Angelo (
5. "The Joy and rewards of blogging" - Jenny Manongdo (MannaforJenny)
6. "Hosting Your Own Blog or Website" - Bob Reyes ( / Turfsiteph Computing)
7. "Bloggers and On-line Promotions" - Juned Sonido (
8. "How to Secure your Blog from Hacking" - Marlon Guzman (Solid Hosting)
9. "Resolving Blog Issues 101" - Marnell Delos Reyes (
10. "Blogging powered by Social Media Steroids" - by Carlo Ople (

the event is so organized and i appreciate it  much for the things that i've learned is great and invaluable.

there's lot of raffles and giveaways too. in fact, i even won one of the major prizes..(he he he)

concisely, i want to THANK "bloggermanila" for this FREE and BIG event. i hope to attend more like this.

photo ops post the event
you can visit bloggermanila in their site--

finally going home

six days of stay in gensan is such a short period of time to tour around and sight see, much more that my prime reason of goin' is to work and  though most of the time i was confined at tambler i still able to enjoy myself and more than glad that i come and see.

some other beautiful spot i haven't visit here were the reason that i need to come back, some other time.

rain rain go away, fallenrainnes is flying away...

..finally home, getting ready for the next destination, somewhere in Visayas, this time....


there's  more gensan untold story, i'll share it once i make the luxury of time to write...

keep smilin",... 

Monday, August 22, 2011

reunion with my fave fruit MARANG only in gensan

MARANG (Artocarpus odoratissimus) is  also called johey oak, green pedalai, madang, tarap, or breadfruit cousin. it is an exotic tropical  fruit that resembles like that of the jackfruit and can only be found in southeast asia.  

you don't have an idea how i missed "marang" it's like a decade now since i haven't tasted one. so on my fifth day in gensan, i got the chance going to the city, and there, i make sure that i picked one and satiate if not my empty stomach then just my watering big mouth.. LOL

for only five pesos
giggling for more!!
no matter how i crave for the fruit i manage to share the other piece to"didith," my close friend, colleague, batchmate, classmate and a neighbor at the province of Cagayan.  she was the one who guided and toured me in gensan for two-hour of sneaking at work.

wait a minute, she got the big one... huh!

just to share her part of the story... "didith" is also a stranger in this place wayback 2009 but when career development calls her, she accepted the offer to work here and maybe one of the reason why she's here is to unite me and marang one day, and it happened (my big thanks)..

she promised me to send  more products from here ...LOL

..will tell more funny stories,soon...


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